Big Canoe, GA.  The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia have to be one of the prettiest places in the State to call home.  Nestled between Jasper and Dawsonville is the mountain community of Big Canoe, a sprawling 10,000 acre Audubon Wildlife Preserve that has approximately 2,500 homes.

At heights of up to 3,200 feet in elevation, Big Canoe sees all four seasons.  The homes, although beautiful, take a pounding from the weather.  Exterior home products can be put to the test here.  PolyMatrxEnter POLYMATRx, Encore’s Paint Additive that extends the life and performance of exterior house paint.

 Creating the Paint of a Lifetime.

POLYMATRx is a special blend of acrylic polymers that bring life “back” to ordinary paint.  The fact is, paint manufacturers design their paints to fail within a few years – that’s what keeps them in business!  POLYMATRx adds elongation (so paint can stretch during changing weather), UV resistance (to withstand decades in the sun as well as to prevent color fade), and durability (to withstand decades of abuse).

The Game Changer with this Deck Coating and Paint Additive

Encore began advertising POLYMATRx in the local Big Canoe newspaper.  Once this happened, the local Ace Hardware store began stocking it.  Big Canoe residents who were repainting their homes every 3-5 years began to use it.  This got the attention of the Big Canoe Company, the main builder in Big Canoe, when a client forced them to use it.  After using it, Big Canoe Company now recommends it to new home builders.  The word of mouth has been explosive to say the least.

Encore decided to inspect homes that were painted two years ago with POLYMATRx-modified paint.  Upon inspection, the paint jobs look like they were just completed within the past week.  The sheen is still the same sheen.  The colors haven’t faded.  The feel is still alive – not flat and chalky.  (Keep in mind that most paint jobs here last 3-5 years.)

best house paint.

Home at top of Sanderlin Mountain, Big Canoe, GA.

Paint for deck posts

POLYMATRx protects deck posts, railings, etc.

what's the best house paint

Facing Due East, this gable is 100% protected by POLYMATRx.

If you’re about to undertake the task of painting your home, don’t even consider doing it without POLYMATRx.  Jobs that were done almost 50 years ago with this fabulous resin system still look great today!

Just imagine.  What is this upcoming paint job going to cost you?  You won’t escape this expense, but just think if you could skip the total expense your next paint job. What about the next two or three?  How much money would you keep in the bank when this happens?  Will you need the money then?  Most homeowners will be in or near retirement after owning their homes this long.  Of course you’d rather hang onto your savings.  All along the way, with each skipped paint job, you’ll admire your decision to use this product.

As I once heard a wise old man say, “Buy the best and only cry once”, POLYMATRx is the best thing you can do for your home’s exterior!

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