Concrete Paint for Non Slip Applications

When it comes to keeping yourself, your family, and/or guests safe, non-slip concrete paint is essential for both outdoor and indoor concrete surfaces. Bare concrete (and especially painted or stained concrete) can quickly become slippery when wet. Fortunately there are many non-slip concrete paints available online and in local hardware and paint stores. So, how do you choose the best one for your home or business? Below we cover the basics of non-slip paint for concrete and give a few tips for choosing the best non-slip concrete floor paint.

How Does Non-Slip Concrete Paint Work?

A non-slip concrete paint works by adding a dry, unique texture that adds traction to the surface. It’s important to note that all non-slip paints for concrete are made differently.

What to Consider When Buying Concrete Paint?

To ensure you buy durable concrete paint that will last for several years without replacement, try to answer the questions below.

  • Does the concrete paint label say ‘slip resistant’?
  • Is it ADA-compliant? (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • How much traction does the non-slip concrete paint add?
  • Is the texture still comfortable for bare feet, or too rough?
  • Can the concrete paint be applied over existing concrete coatings?
  • What colors are available?
  • How does the application process work?
  • How durable is the non-slip concrete paint? Can furniture/equipment be moved without scratching or damaging the concrete?
  • Can the concrete paint repair existing chips and cracks in the concrete?

Jeff explains why COOL! is a great concrete paint!

To ensure you have access to the most reliable non-slip paint for your concrete, look for a product that provides an accessible phone number in case you require additional information beyond what is found on the label or website.

Where To Use Non-Slip Concrete Paint

The most common places to use non-slip exterior concrete paint are places with high traffic that could become wet. Patios, sidewalks, outdoor steps, and concrete pool decks are prone to rain, spills, and/or splashes from the pool that can all make concrete slippery. Learn a little more about non-slip outdoor concrete paint.

Outdoor Non-Slip Concrete Paint For Your Patio

When choosing a non-slip paint for a concrete patio, try to find an option that can be tinted to any color. This gives you the flexibility to match your patio’s design. Because you will most likely have patio furniture, try to select an extra durable non-slip concrete paint for your patio. This ensures your concrete patio paint will not chip as you slide your seating around.

Non Slip Paint for Concrete Steps

If your home or business has concrete steps, you may want to consider a non-slip concrete paint for outdoor steps. Walking in the rain on bare concrete surfaces is not a good combination, especially when trying to walk up or down stairs. Ensure your family and/or visitors are safe by adding non-slip paint to your concrete steps and sidewalks.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Pool Decks

One of the most important places to install non-slip concrete paint is near the pool. There’s no denying pools are dangerous places for accidents, especially with children running and playing and adults running from their chair to the pool to avoid the hot concrete. Non-slip concrete deck paint is an easy solution. When installed correctly, the “COOL! Pool Deck Coating” reduces surface temperatures by up to 38% and exceeds the ADA requirements for slip-resistant floor coatings, preventing accidents and discomfort from hot concrete.

Non-Slip Paint for Sidewalks

Non-Slip Concrete Paint is not just for patios, steps, and pool decks. It can also be used on sidewalks to prevent slipping when walking or running on a sidewalk. Using non-slip sidewalk paint helps to make pedestrians safer, and it is an essential part of public safety for businesses. Commercial or residential settings where there is a potential for slip-and-falls such as pool areas or sidewalks prone to developing standing water can benefit from non-slip paint.

Non-Slip Concrete Paint can help create a safe space for your home or business by reducing the chances of slip-and-fall accidents.

There are many non-slip paints for concrete pool decks. You’ll want to make sure the texture is slip-resistant, but not too rough on bare feet either. If you have a neighborhood or commercial pool, you may want to opt for an ADA compliant non-slip concrete paint for your pool deck. Another great option is non-slip cool concrete pool deck paint, which is used to reduce heat build up on the concrete. COOL! – for example – is a non slip pool deck coating that can reduce temperatures by up to 38%. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Where Else Can Non Slip Concrete Paint be Used?

If you have any other concrete floors in your home or business, you can add a non-slip coating to the concrete to add traction and reduce safety hazards. Other places concrete floor non-slip paint is often used include the following:

Indoor Pools / Aquatic Centers

While concrete paint can be used outdoors, they can be used indoors as well. Textured non-slip paint for concrete makes indoor pools and aquatic centers safer. ADA compliant non-slip concrete paints, such as COOL!, are a great choice, especially for pools used for swim meets, athletic training, and recreational use. Depending on the size of your pool or aquatic center, you may want to hire someone to paint the concrete non-slip around your pool.

Non-Slip Concrete Paint for Floors

Go ahead and do your research. When it comes to finding the best non-slip paint for concrete, there is no better way to go than with Encore Coatings’ COOL. This non-slip concrete paint is ADA compliant even when wet, can be tinted to literally any color imaginable, can repair existing cracks and chips in concrete, and can be painted on bare concrete or existing concrete coatings. Check out our online reviews or give us a call to learn more about COOL! and how this non-slip pool deck coating not only reduces heat buildup to create a cooler surface, but how it can be used on other concrete surfaces as well. Talk to a REAL person to discuss your application questions in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Slip Concrete Paint:

To make a non-slip surface on your concrete, simply apply a coat or two of non-slip concrete paint. Some coatings should be applied on bare concrete while others can be applied on top of existing concrete surfaces.

If you have already painted your concrete and are wanting to make it non-slip, try adding two layers of Encore Coatings’ COOL! pool deck coating to your concrete. This will give it a slip-resistant, yet comfortable texture. Call Encore Coatings to confirm your existing surface is compatible with COOL!.

After first cleaning and etching your concrete, you can apply non-slip concrete paint with rollers. If necessary, apply a second layer of paint once the first one dries. For best results, add a concrete sealer to protect the life of your new concrete paint.

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