Everything You Need in the COOL! Pool Project Bundle


Pool Deck Project Bundle

$299.00 + Taxes

EVERYTHING YOU NEED for your pool deck project – in a simple BUNDLE that SAVES $50 when compared to buying separately!


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Completed Coverage/Bundle:  Up to 200 square feet (2 coats). 

Actual coverage is dependent on the condition of the deck.

Your pool deck coating is amazing!

I used to have to throw water on the concrete deck when I vacuumed the pool just to walk on it – it was so hot. But since applying Cool, I don’t have to. This coating is off the chart! It really does stay cool. I recommend this product to anyone who is tired of hot concrete.

K. Bernard

As Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Clean

Clean and prep your concrete in One Simple Step.

Step 2: Coat

Apply Cool to bare concrete orexisting surfaces.

Step 3: Seal

Seal and protect your new coating

See why thousands of pool owners agree:

Our Cool concrete pool deck paint is today’s way to cool pool deck surfaces.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your deck coating project.

The job of estimating the material requirements for your pool has been simplified. We’ve bundled everything that you’ll need for a 200 square foot pool deck into a simple bundle. All you’ll need to do is purchase a gallon of concrete deck coasting paint (1 gallon for each bundle) in your color choice (semi-gloss acrylic or latex paint).

Have 600 square feet? Buy three cool pool deck bundles. Best of all, you save when you buy Cool in a bundle(s)!

What comes in a Cool Pool Deck Coating Bundle?
A Cool pool deck coating bundle includes:

When purchased separately, these items sell for considerably more. When purchased in a bundle, you save!

Available deck coating paint colors:

One of the best features about the COOL! Pool Deck Coating is that it can be tinted to any color of your choice. This unleashes your creativity and allows you to complement the surrounding environment however you desire. This is made possible by the fact that each COOL! bucket requires the addition of 1 gallon of exterior acrylic or latex concrete paint for tint and activation. (This is a required step!). Users should reference Encore Coatings’ “recommended paint chart”, as there are some concrete paints that are not compatible with COOL!. Ultimately, this means you can choose from thousands of colors available at your local paint store. The color match is perfect and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome! If heat reduction is a priority, avoid dark color choices.

Disclaimer: For 10 years COOL has been found to reduce the temperature of bare concrete by up to 38% on in-ground concrete slabs. If heat reduction is a priority for you, please consider choosing one of the many cool deck colors in a light pastel color or the typical colors often found around a pool. Darker earth tones and even shades of gray can contain black pigments which are not conducive to a cool walking surface. Encore Coatings is not responsible for marginal heat reduction due to environmental anomalies or negligence to the above disclaimer.

YES! COOL! Is the perfect solution for resurfacing existing “kool deck” toppings and other knockdown textured finishes that are often found around the pool.

Thinking about what kind of paint you should add to COOL!?

We’ve assembled a list of recommended paints that are compatible. We recommend a satin to semi-gloss sheen, however any sheen is compatible with our coatings. Please call us with further questions! (888) 776-2242

Sherwin Williams

A-100 (exterior)


SPEEDHIDE (exterior)

Home Depot

BEHR Ultra (exterior)

OUTLET: Lowe’s

Valspar Season FLEX (exterior)

*DO NOT use “StormCoat”

OUTLET: True Value

Painter’s Select (interiror/exterior)
Semi Gloss

Our Happy Customers Say it Best...

Testimonials for Concrete Paint

Using COOL! for Commercial Applications

While our COOL! Pool Deck Coating has been used to transform countless residential pool deck areas, it is also a go-to solution for commercial properties looking to create stunning and durable non-slip concrete surfaces. Whether your organization wants to bring new life to a pool deck area or simply transform ordinary concrete walking surfaces into colorful non-slip spaces, our COOL! Pool Deck Coating is the perfect solution.

Our COOL! Pool Deck Coating offers a variety of benefits for commercial properties. Not only does it provide a safer and more slip-resistant surface, but it also adds an aesthetic appeal to any pool deck or concrete walking area. The vibrant colors and customizable design options make creating a unique and inviting space for guests and visitors easy.

In addition to its visual appeal, our COOL! Pool Deck Coating is also a highly durable solution. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and exposure to pool chemicals without fading or chipping. This makes it the perfect choice for commercial properties that require long-lasting and low-maintenance solutions.

Our COOL! Pool Deck coatings are perfect for:

Waterparks and Amusement Parks
Hotels and
Commercial Real Estate Properties
Waterparks and Amusement Parks
Recreational Centers and Community Pools
Any Commerical Setting with Concrete Paths or Sidewalks

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45 reviews for Pool Deck Project Bundle

  1. Annie F.

    Wonderful product! Recommended by my nephew who had used it and raved about it. I can’t believe how much cooler it made my pool deck. I can actually walk on it in the middle of July without scorching my feet. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to cool their concrete down and improve the feel and look of their pool surround.

  2. J. Holston

    I love this product! I applied it over my 8-yr. old pool deck surface and the results were dramatic to say the least. It’s the perfect product to upgrade my outdoor living space. It makes me a proud homeowner again! Thanks for a great product!

  3. Thomas R.

    I really like this product. I was a bit skeptical about the claims but everything so far is true. It feels great on bare feet and the color match was actually perfect. I gave it 4 stars since it hasn’t had time to prove itself but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have something besides a painted pool deck.

  4. Becki T.

    Thanks for providing such a great option for us. We were so discouraged at the price contractors wanted to charge us for their options and then we found your product. Cool is simply fabulous! It was easy for my husband to apply and our pool area is gorgeous!

  5. Frank

    My customer wanted to spray the product and knock it down with a trowel. Wasn’t sure how that would work, but I tried it and the results were really neat. Doesn’t build up as high as other knock downs, so it’ll be easier to clean. The customer was happy. I like the fact that you add paint to it for color. My former supplier had coatings, but only in a few colors. It’s good to be able to offer more options. Customer was pleased so I’m pleased. Company was good to work with. Very knowledgeable on prep work.

  6. Rebecca Fullerton

    We just put this product down and it’s everything we wanted. The texture is perfect for bare feet. We used to have to pour water from a can before we got out of the pool because the concrete was too hot, but that’s over. I’m not sure “how” this product works – but it works!

  7. Bernard Loveright

    I found this product easy to apply. Best of all, I did it myself and saved thousands of dollars over having it professionally done. It definitely stays cooler than the concrete did. My kids and wife are happy about that part. It filled in the small cracks and brightened up the place. I gave it four stars instead of five because it did tend to dry a little fast for me.

  8. Robert Tillman

    Very easy to use. After cleaning my concrete I rolled out two coats of Cool and then sealed it with a sealer that I picked up at a home center. The result looks great. Lots of compliments from folks who had seen the deck prior to me applying Cool. Highly recommend.

  9. R. Bell

    Cool was a great choice for our POA. It was easy for us to apply it and it turned out great. Didn’t break the bank. The company was super easy to work with and was responsive to the homeowner’s inquiries. We’ve had only great comments from the residents about the pool.

  10. David Cutright

    I was skeptical, but bought it because I had heard someone talking about it at a tradeshow. It was easy and straightforward to apply. It looks great. I’m still trying to understand how this stuff works. It was 104 degrees on the deck a few days ago and the surface wasn’t hot. I like it!

  11. Tab Marin

    Cool has become our “go-to” product for new and existing pool decks. Our customers love this product. It’s fast, so we’re off the job quicker – everyone’s happy with that. It looks great and our customers love the feel. This product has the perfect texture. Not too rough, but not too slick. The best feature is the cooling feature. It’s absolutely amazing. This summer, while rolling it out, the concrete was so hot, it was burning my feet through my boots. For grins, I took my boots off to apply the second coat to see how it’d feel. I put the entire second coat down in bare feet!! No complaints. The company is also very good at support and training, even though the product is easy to use. If you need a pool deck coating, choose this one!

  12. Daniel K.

    We had the product applied over our kooldeck and there’s a couple of spots where the product lifted. But I think that’s because the old coating lifted. Otherwise, it is a good product and it feels great on bare feet. I plan to touch the area up that peeled and it it stays down, I’ll be back to add the fifth star.

  13. Atlanta Pool Guy

    I did my first installation of Cool a few years ago. Since then, I’ve continued to offer it to customers over traditional knock-down finishes. They like the Cool. First, it’s easy to clean compared to knock-downs. Furniture doesn’t hurt it either. I routinely visit these jobs and they still look great. Good product for the money!

  14. Vernon Kilmer

    Have had the product on our pool deck for about 1.5 years. We’ve expanded the pool deck and need more coating so here I am. This product works. It keeps the temperature of the deck comfortable. It looks good. Very durable too.

  15. Quent C.

    Product looks and feels great. We hired a local contractor to put this product down. He and a helper finished the deck in two days – about 1/2 the time of what other contractors were estimating. We got a great deal and we’re very satisfied. If it would just warm up now!

  16. Deborah C.

    Love this product! Our son pressure washed the deck and my husband and I put Cool down in one day and it looks fantastic! The feel on bare feet is perfect! It has completely upgraded the pool deck area. We had a day in the 80s last week and the coating was almost cold. I want to see what it will do when it’s 95 outside, but so far, so gooood!

  17. Curtis T.

    I’m about to apply Cool to my fourth pool deck in as many years. Customers love this product because it works and is easy to keep clean. I love applying it. Very easy. Just always make sure you do a good job cleaning before you apply and things will work. You’ll love the result.

  18. Freddy P

    Happy to find this product. My son and I applied the coating a few weeks ago to my old worn pool deck. Today, it looks like a new deck. It filled in the cracks and left a very nice texture. Yesterday, it got up into the high 80s and I was amazed (like the other reviews I’ve seen) at how cool the deck stayed. Without Cool, we had to scurry across the deck because it was so hot. Neat product!

  19. Susan K

    We’ve now applied Cool to our second pool. This is the only product that I’ve been able to find that looks great, is easy to clean, and easy to apply. The best feature is the cooling feature. We love it! Our grandkids used to run from their chairs to the pool because the deck was sooo hot. Highly recommend to anyone with an old pool deck or one that stays hot.

  20. D. Rogers

    Our facility recently had Cool applied to the pool decks. The product was straighforward, easy to apply. We were able to reopen the decks to the residents 24 hours later, which was a big factor in our decision of what product to use. Another big factor was the 10 year warranty.

    The surface is easier to clean than the previous surface. It gave new life to the previous surface. And, best of all, it’s significantly cooler than the previous surface. Aside from the comments that we get on the look of the decks, the comments on how cool the deck is seems to be the big plus for our clients.

    All in all, we’re very satisfied!

  21. Vince Kappor

    Giving this product five stars was easy. It does exactly what it’s said to do. Went down easy. Looks great. Stays cool! I love it.

  22. Kelly W.

    We’ve used this product on several projects over as many years. We get rave reviews from our customers on how well the product improves the look of their decks. Cool is less expensive than other options, but is infinitely better in every comparison to typical pool deck toppings.

  23. Jason W.

    I live in New Mexico and decided to use this product. I applied it about three weeks ago. It has been hot here, so it was amazing to see how well the product cooled the concrete. Before, you could not stand on it in the middle of the day without having a water hose to cool the concrete down. Now, we walk around in bare feet – no problem! I really like this product. It was easy to apply, making it very affordable for us, and it looks like a pro put it down.

  24. Thomas Beezer

    Works great. Was easy to apply. Wish this company the best as they move forward. Excellent service!!

  25. B. Reiland

    Very good product. Completely renovated our worn out Kooldeck surface. Compared to other products that I evaluated, Cool left a comfortable, textured surface on the deck, which was nice, because I didn’t want to end up with a slippery surface.

    We have had metal furniture on the deck since it was completed. I’m very impressed with the durability of this product. Absolutely no scrape marks or sign of wear. It’s now been about 2.5 years since we applied the product and have no regrets about having used it. Love the fact that it keeps this southern exposed deck cool, too.

  26. B. Breinhardt

    Two years ago my husband and I applied this product to our pool deck and were very happy with the results. This past weekend, we emerged from hibernation to find our pool deck in wonderful shape. At the time we did the work, we only did the deck – not the sidewalks around the yard. We’re very happy with how the deck looks after a very hard winter and we’re buying more to do the sidewalks. Can’t wait to get the work done. This product does a fantastic job. Very affordable for what it does!

  27. C. Bertlaney

    We applied this product over our existing “Sundeck”. The application was easy, dried quickly and left a great finish. We applied two coats as directed and applied two coats of Sealback sealant. We couldn’t be happier. This is an excellent product line with great results. I would highly recommend this product. If you aren’t a do it yourself type person there are contractors installing this product. Encore saved us a lot of money as it is more affordable than the other products on the market. None of the other products have the lifetime warranty either…..just can’t say enough about this great product.

  28. Benji P.

    Outstanding product! Very satisfied with the result. We researched all of our options and this was by far the best value.

  29. Larry

    My deck looks great, and it really does keep the deck cooler. It also seems to be very durable as I accidently dragged patio furniture across it, and it showed no marks or damage. I recommend your product, but I am really impressed with your customer service. I am not a large contractor or company, just merely a homeowner trying some DIY improvement to my ugly pool deck. I am glad I found this product and this company. Many, many thanks.

  30. Thomas

    Best boat cleaner ever! Cleaned years of mold, grime and dirt from the seat cushions of my boat. Did a great job on the hull. This is my new go-to product.

  31. Jimmy Card

    Cool deck triple crown
    This is an EXCELLENT product, works as advertised. The customer service is 2nd to none !! They answer the phone or text almost 24-7 Easy instructions, great videos. Cleaned it one day and coated the next. I only covered my immediate pool deck the areas I didn’t do will burn my feet the cool deck well…..Is exactly that COOL !! Do yourself a favor and and get it you won’t be disappointed I promise.
    Jimmy C

  32. Jason Hoffman

    We had a new pool put in and the contractor did a horrible job choosing the concrete color. It was a reddish color like you might see on an Arizona roof and it was faded out almost immediately. I did some research and finally settled on the Cool for Pools product package. I watched the videos. I called Encore for help before I got started to make sure I was on the right track. They could not have been more helpful even though I was probably a bit of a pest with multiple calls. I drove my wife crazy talking about the steps. In the end, we applied this to 6-month-old concrete, and we just could not be happier with the results. The surface looks fantastic, it is cooler than our existing cement patio on hot days, and it changed our feeling about our pool. There were a few other options that I was considering, but I hit a home run with Encore Coatings and the Cool for Pool project bundle.

  33. Toby McCaughey

    Let me start by stating that I do not write reviews for anything, ever. However, I struggled with the decision to give this product a try and wanted to reach people struggling with the decision weather this even works as advertised. I waited until now to even write this review as I applied this to our pool deck last fall. By the time it was applied, the brutally hot full sun days were behind us here in Georgia. I was VERY skeptical as I could not seem to find anyone putting out actual numbers if this worked as advertised. At worst this could be the most expensive paint additive available, or at best this could be the miracle solution. In my opinion, this covers the latter category perfectly. This is even better than I had hoped, and our concrete never gets hot enough to be uncomfortable even after a full day in full sunlight. It was worth the price and effort. This was the best decision I could have made. The only thing I might change if I were to apply again is we went with an off-white grey. It can be a little bright when you first walk out, and I may have chosen a few shades darker to lessen this, but it would probably not cool as amazing as it does now. Even with going a little lighter than we should have, I do not have an ounce of regret. The support is awesome, as I did call and spoke with them a couple of times. Thank you for this product!

  34. Ronnie Pate

    Encore Coating Cool Deck is the best product for resurfacing pool decks that I have found. The ability to use any color, great pricing and support only makes the product even better. Jeff Jr has always been available to answer my questions (which can be a lot 🤦‍♂️).

    Our customers love the look, the safety and quality of this product.

  35. Matt

    My pool is in Sunny Phoenix Arizona. 2 years after application I couldn’t be happier. I can stand barefoot on the pool deck in full sun on the hottest day of the year. That feat was not possible on the old bare cool deck. It has held up beautifully, still looks brand new, Easy to clean (the product filled a lot of the nooks and crannies dirt would collect in), just spray it off to remove the dust. The texture is great and the color turned out almost exactly as I hoped. It is a bit of a guessing game as to how light or dark it will be due to mixing your chosen gallon of paint with 2.5 gallon of white product. Luckily, with 2 coats, you can lighten or darkest the second coat to get the look you want. I suppose you could get a really good idea by buying a pint of the color you choose and mixing it with white in a ratio of 1 part color to 1.5 parts white to see what you get and then adjust your color from there.

  36. cdaffin

    I purchased this product over 2 years ago and did not want to write a review until it had been down a while. after two summers and winters i will have to say this is an excellent product and would recommend this product highly to anyone it has held up well not hard to put down and the service was great.

  37. Jennifer

    Buy Cool! Contact them about all your questions up front to make your application easier. The customer support is amazing! We had to wait over 10 months from the time we decided to use the product until schedules, temperature and weather aligned to apply it. The lanai floor is MUCH improved. I’m no longer embarrassed by it. A few minor imperfections are related to the initial state of the floor and our patch job (ask your questions in advance). Most important was the temperature reduction for South Florida summers, dog paws and human feet. We did choose a lighter than desired color to ensure we got the best cooling properties. We used 5 kits for about 750 sq ft, but we had to use a third coat as we worked the second coat too much and saw too many roller marks. You won’t be disappointed with Cool! for Pools or the fantastic customer support.

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