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Protecting Your Investment

With over 85 years of combined experience in coatings,  you’ve made the right decision to use Encore.  Our newly re-engineered wood coating offers significant improvements and features that result in a substantially  increased service life.

A Lifetime Warranty

Encore (Wood and Concrete Coatings and Cool!) purchased in 2013 and beyond is protected by a Lifetime Warranty – protecting your investment in Encore for as long as you own your home.  Commercial users, such as HOAs, POAs, hotels, theme parks, and municipal jobs are protected by a ten-year warranty. Keep your paperwork from your purchase and if you experience any problems whatsoever, contact us to discuss the solution. We want you to be completely satisfied with your decision to use our product and we understand your concerns.   If you would like to read the Warranty  for Encore for Wood and Concrete Click Here! If you would like to read the Warranty for Cool! Click Here!

Lumen Paint Additive

Homes and buildings that were painted with this technology thirty years ago have not been repainted. Since 2001, we’ve put a “No Questions Asked’, Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty on Lumen and have never had a single claim. We continue to back this fantastic product with that same warranty. Follow the instructions and apply Lumen to a properly cleaned and prepared surface. Lumen is guaranteed against peeling and cracking for as long as you own your home. Period.