COOL! Video Tutorials

Learn to Use COOL! Like a Pro.

Tutorials For Homeowners

The 5 Things That Will Wreck Your Project
GO-PRO Step by Step Pool Deck Resurfacing
How To Resurface Your Exposed Aggregate Pool Deck
Beware of Bad Concrete
IMPORTANT! Choosing Paint to Add to Cool! Don’t miss out on this!
“WOW! Amazing Pool Deck and Testimonial. Full Gallery!”
Have a “Knockdown” Topping Currently? What You Need To Know!
Watch This FIRST before Choosing a Pool Deck Product.
Watch before you apply! Everything you need to know
Tips for Those Who Have Cantilevered Coping
Step by Step Application of COOL!
COOL! is Great For Exposed Aggregate!

Tutorials For Contractors

Hear Real Contractor Experiences with Providing COOL to Their Clients.
COOL Pool Deck Coating is the Most Logical Choice for Contractors and Homeowners
Custom Knockdown & Decorative Multi-Tones Using COOL!
Contractor Podcast: Learn how COOL transformed this coating expert’s business