Water-Based Concrete Cleaner that Cleans and Etches


TripleCrown – One-Step Concrete Cleaner

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TripleCrown is a water-based concrete cleaner that cleans and etches your surface in one simple step.

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TripleCrown concrete cleaner is sold in one gallon containers and can treat approximately 230-250 square feet.

TripleCrown is a lifesaver!

I was skeptical about a one-step concrete cleaner being able to tackle tough stains, but this product proved me wrong. Its powerful formula penetrates deep into the concrete, effortlessly lifting away dirt, oil, and grime. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, which is a huge bonus for me as a conscientious consumer. I highly recommend TripleCrown to anyone in need of a reliable concrete cleaner.

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Use TripleCrown Concrete Cleaner with our Cool! Pool Deck Bundle to Create a Stunning, Non-Slip Concrete Surface

It is no secret that TripleCrown works incredibly on its own as an instant and easy concrete cleaner. But did you know that you can combine the awesome concrete cleaning abilities of TripleCrown with Encore’s other amazing concrete paint and concrete sealer product lines? With our pool deck project bundle, you’ll have everything you need for a 200-square-foot pool deck project. Our bundle doesn’t just contain your run-of-the-mill concrete paint and sealers. Typical concrete paints and sealers are not durable and provide little to no relief from the sun’s harsh rays.

Our Cool! Pool Deck Coating, which comes with the pool deck project bundle, provides a cooling seal creating a cool, comfortable walking surface, even on the hottest summer days. Plus, our pool deck project bundle creates a non-slip surface, perfect for poolside areas where slips and falls can be common. Elevate the look of your pool deck area while creating safer and more comfortable walking surfaces for you and your guests. Shop the Cool! pool deck project bundle today!

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What is the best thing to clean concrete with?

Using the best concrete cleaner has never been easier. TripleCrown is the best thing to clean concrete with because it is a one-step product that doesn’t require chemicals to neutralize. It’s an excellent choice for tough surfaces like tabby, because TripleCrown requires no pressure washing. Additionally, Triple Crown is salt-based concrete cleaner that deep cleans the surface. TripleCrown will remove clay stains, rust stains, and decades of dirt, oil, and grime, leaving surfaces better than when you found it!

Simply apply with a hand-pump sprayer, allow it to work for 2-4 hours, and power rinse with water. It’s that simple. Your concrete will look like you spent hours behind a pressure washer.

The TripleCrown One-Step Concrete Cleaner is the best concrete cleaner on the market. This powerful product can be used as a standalone cleaner but excels when paired with Encore’s one-of-a-kind Cool! Pool Deck Coating. Shop our pool deck project bundle that combines everything you’ll need for a 200-square-foot pool deck project into a simple bundle. Take your pool deck concrete from dull to dazzling in just a few easy steps with the best concrete cleaner and Cool! Pool Deck Coating! Do not allow Triple Crown to touch surfaces such as stone, brick, aluminum, glass, tile, etc. Triple Crown will etch surfaces, which is desired during coating preparation, but can permanently alter other surfaces that are not being coated!

Not simple enough?

Leave it and let the rain wash it away. Yes. Rain literally washes the dirt and grime away – we promise. The results will amaze you!

Use TripleCrown concrete cleaner on sidewalks, driveways, garage and shop floors, pool decks, pavers, limestone, and other stone and masonry surfaces.

This product will etch glass, aluminum, stone, brick, pavers, and many other surfaces.  Use accordingly.

Other uses:

TripleCrown can be used to clean masonry buildings, stone walls and fences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Cleaners

No, TripleCrown does not require any special equipment – simply apply it with a low-pressure hand pump sprayer and leave it on for 2-4 hours. After that, rinse the area off with water to achieve stunning results!

TripleCrown concrete cleaner is sold in one-gallon containers that can cover approximately 230 -250 square feet. For projects larger than 250 square feet, we recommend buying multiple gallons.

TripleCrown can be used on concrete, pavers, brick, tabby stucco, limestone, and other stone and masonry surfaces. However, TripleCrown will etch glass and aluminum along with removing glaze from tiles, so we recommend avoiding these surfaces.

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