How To Take Care of Your Pool Deck Coating

A neglected or damaged pool deck doesn’t make for an inviting atmosphere for yourself, friends, and family to gather around. So if you’re wanting to keep your pool environment in top shape, it pays to consider how well you’re taking care of its coating or surfacing material. This blog post will discuss how to clean your COOL! pool deck coating and the exact steps you should take when maintaining a quality finish over the course of time so that your pool area remains beautiful and inviting all year long.

Inspect Your Deck

Prevention is key to maintaining your pool deck coating, so start by inspecting your pool deck. You should check it at least once a year to prevent small problems from turning into bigger problems. When inspecting your pool deck coating, it’s important to consider different factors such as the color, pool deck texture, and pattern. For example, a DIY pool deck coating like COOL! with concrete paint is known to be more durable than your average pool deck coating.

There are two priority things to look out for: algae growth and cracks. Algae growth is dangerous because it makes the deck slippery, which is not something you want when you have wet feet walking across the ground. Small cracks can happen to your pool deck coating periodically, but they shouldn’t be too hard to repair if you catch them early enough. Small cracks, if left unattended, can grow into big cracks and can potentially cause injuries. Inspecting your pool deck coating is important so that you can catch these little issues and fix them before they grow into bigger problems.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your pool deck coating regularly is key to taking care of newly resurfaced pool deck and pool deck coating. Being in an outdoor environment, it is incredibly common for dirt and debris such as leaves and grass clippings to build. This debris can negatively affect your pool deck coating, especially leaves. Like wine, leaves have tannic acid and tannins that can stain your deck badly.

So how to clean pool deck coating? Fortunately, clean-up is relatively simple. Once or twice a week, you can sweep your deck using a broom or dry mop. Most tough spots can be removed by spraying a little bit of water. For more stubborn stains, you’ll want to use a nylon brush and a light bleach-based solution, usually consisting of half water and half bleach. You never want to use a metal brush, because its hard bristles are far too aggressive for your pool deck coating. You’ll also want to regularly clean areas with sitting water.

Our COOL! Pool Deck Coating can be lightly pressure washed on an as-needed basis!

Use Sealant

Pool deck coatings and sealant are both designed to last a long time but as they are constantly exposed to water and the elements, paired with the wear of regular use, it’s easy to be worn out. Some sealants suggest that you reapply every two to three years but if you do that by the time you reach the third year there’s not much top coat protection left. Depending on where you reside, it’s better to reapply a top coat of sealant bi-annually. If you do this, you will extend the lifespan of your pool deck and help prevent problems from occurring.

To maximize your pool deck’s longevity, we recommend SealBack with your COOL! Pool Deck Coating– a clear concrete sealer with UV resistance and self-cleaning capabilities. This easy-to-use product uses innovative chemicals that prevent airborne particles from settling onto the surface of your pool deck. By re-sealing with SealBack bi-annually, you will be ensuring that your deck always looks its best.

Tip From the Author:

“Poolowners in the Southwestern United States should reapply a sealer like SealBack once a year to help your pool deck coating combat the constant extreme UV exposure!”

Avoid Damage

The best way to keep your pool deck coating well-maintained is to prevent damage in the first place, even if you have more durable concrete painting pool deck coating. Below is a list of common mistakes Jeff has noticed pool owners make that can damage your pool deck coating.

  • Don’t Screw Into the Protective Coating: Every pool has its features, whether it’s a hammock or a satellite dish, but you should never screw into the surface of your pool deck. This will not only create holes in the coating but will also cause it to be weaker in that spot.
  • Keep Your Grill Off Your Pool Coating: Hot embers are known to escape out of grills, especially charcoal grills. These embers can burn through waterproof deck coating quickly. Ash and other burning materials are also problematic so it’s best to relocate the grill to another location.
  • Use Protective Attachments on Heavy Furniture: Unprotected furniture legs is one of the main killers of your COOL! Pool Deck Coating. Jeff recommends using felt or nylon protectors on your furniture legs. “NEVER use rubber attachments under any circumstance,” says Jeff, “Heat and pressure will cause rubber polymers to bond with your pool deck coating and cause accidental removal in certain areas when furniture is moved.”
  • Don’t Put Down Rugs: Outdoor carpets and rugs might add a little bit of color and elegance to your pool deck but they are also magnets for moisture. They trap moisture inside their thick fibers and under their rubber membrane, preventing the pool deck coating from drying. This leads to moisture entrapment, bubbling, and other issues. Outdoors rugs are notorious for suffocating the surface itself. Jeff recommends using a breathable and stylish bamboo rug to allow the water vapor to escape through the COOL! Pool Deck Coating!
  • Raise Plants Off the Deck Surface: Every pool area should have a few plants around it but you should never have potted plants sit directly on the pool deck coating. Water tends to gather underneath plants and that moisture can lead to problems over time.

At Encore Coatings, we have everything you need to keep your pool deck looking beautiful and protected from the elements. Our selection of industry-leading DIY coatings, sealers, and paints are designed to stand up against time and protect your pool from Mother Nature’s elements. With rigorous testing done on each product, you can expect optimal durability and adhesion, as well as a remarkable finish that’ll make you proud of your outdoor space. Let us help take your outdoor projects to new heights – choose our DIY concrete paint products today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Care of Pool Deck Coatings

Your DIY COOL! Pool Deck Coating can be maintained through regular cleaning and annual to bi-annual applications of a sealer like SealBack. Clean your pool deck coating with a nylon scrub brush and light bleach-based solution, and make sure to clean areas of standing water! Light pressure washing is also allowed for your COOL! Pool Deck Coating on an as-needed basis

With our DIY COOL! Pool Deck Coating you get a 10-year commercial warranty. However, a good rule of thumb is to resurface your pool deck every 10-15 years. However, there may be some geographical or weather factors that may change this number. Give us a call at 888-776-2242 to speak with an expert to answer all your pool deck coating exposure questions!

Your COOL! Pool Deck Coating should be resealed once every two years if you live in an area with non-extreme UV exposure. If you live in the Southwestern United States, your pool deck should be resealed with SealBack once a year!

Apply a sealant like SealBack to your concrete deck to keep it from fading and resistant to sunlight. Concrete sealants can protect your pool deck from sun, rain, snow, and dirt build up to improve the longevity of your deck!

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