The Origins of Encore Coatings with Jeff Moreau Jr

As an innovator of the highest-quality pool deck coatings and surfaces, Encore Coatings has been a reliable staple in the community for years but how did we become that way? Jeff Moreau Jr, the co-founder and vice president of Encore Coatings, will guide us through the origin story of Encore Coatings. Through hard work and dedication, this small family-owned business has grown into an industry leader in quality pool coatings that remain both beautiful and durable under harsh environmental conditions. Read on to discover how it all began.

Getting Started With COOL!

In 2010, Jeff Moreau Sr. created this new, super unique product that would one day become known as COOL! At the time, his son Jeff Jr. had just dropped out of college, he didn’t enjoy school, and the economy wasn’t great. But he saw the potential of his dad’s wood deck coating. Together they researched additives, chemicals, and raw materials, making adjustments until they were happy with their final product, a concrete coating that stayed cool. This unique feature gave them the perfect target to market for: pools, since you don’t want to burn your bare feet on concrete that’s hot from the sun.

The Videos

Getting COOL! and Encore Coatings off the ground involved a lot of old-school tactics such as cold calling but in 2012, Jeff Jr took a less traditional route and started Encore Coating’s YouTube channel. He understood that COOL! concrete coating was a very technical product, and a lot of their customers were inexperienced homeowners determined to do it themselves. While these videos weren’t the best produced or high quality, they were genuine and focused less on selling their product and more on helping the customers.

Jeff Jr wanted to create a resource that explained the process and answered the majority of their customer’s questions. “It’s important to us that you love your pool deck,” Jeff Jr said.  “We receive a lot of calls from customers and at least 80% of them had seen the videos and were calling to say thank you.”

Becoming Reliable in Community

The videos were the first steps to establishing Encore Coatings as a reliable brand but the other major piece of the puzzle was having top-notched customer service. Most customers have someone at Encore Coatings’ phone number so that they can contact them throughout the entire process. This person used to be Jeff Jr, and he still tries to help out when he can, but now customers are more likely talking to Rylan, Jeff Jr.’s brother-in-law. Encore Coating has always been a family business and that personal connection is felt with the customers. Sometimes, customers will even call to wish them happy holidays.

“We’re always here,” Jeff Jr said. “Every job is different but we always try our hardest to accommodate and make the project successful. Being in DIY, silly things happened—it’s not the fault of the coating or the customers. Whatever the case, Encore Coatings is always going to support you.”

Expanding The Business

As Encore Coating has become successful, their company naturally grew. Today Encore Coating has two other companies: Miracle Mist and Lemongrass Farm.

Miracle Mist was the natural progression for Encore Coatings. Whenever you coat things, you always want to apply them to a clean surface. Which is why in 2017, the Moreaus set out to create an efficient cleaner that did that job remarkably well. This cleaner was an instant success, primarily because of the videos Jeff Jr had already established through Encore Coatings. “There is instant gratification with Miracle Mist,” Jeff Jr said, “within 30 seconds, it’s clean.” Walmart saw the videos and how efficiently Miracle Mist cleaned and reached out to Encore Coatings. Not long after that Miracle Mist was on their shelves.

In 2020, the Moreaus moved into a bigger facility which gave them the opportunity to grow and do something a little different. In 2023, Lemongrass Farms released its all-natural bug spray. As their first lifestyle brand, Jeff Jr spent a lot of time and effort into branding and making this (as Jeff Jr puts it), “bug spray you love to use. There’s never been one before, no one likes the sticky and smelliness of most bug sprays.”

Encore Coatings strives to make the best products and provide amazing customer service. If you’re looking for a way to resurface and waterproof your outdoor concrete pool deck while protecting it against UV damage, mold, and mildew, look no further than COOL! Pool Deck Coating. It’s a unique product that works on all types of pool decks, including concrete and aggregate surfaces. Contact Encore Coatings today to learn more!