A Guide to Safety Paint for Sidewalks, Ramps, Breezeways, and More!

Are you looking for the perfect solution to make your outdoor surfaces safer and more aesthetically pleasing? From sidewalks and paths to ramps, breezeways, parking lots, or any other outdoor area that requires traction in all weather conditions, nonslip sidewalk paint is a great choice.

Not only does it improve safety by providing an anti-slip surface and clear indications of hazards such as changes in elevation between sections of concrete, but it can also increase curb appeal with a wide range of colors. In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of using nonslip sidewalk paint on your property while outlining important steps like choosing the right product for you. Ready to use safety paint to make your sidewalks safer?

What kind of paint do you use on a sidewalk?

It’s best practice to use nonslip sidewalk paint for sidewalks. Designed to help prevent slips and falls, especially during wet weather conditions, this sidewalk paint puts your safety first. It also has the added bonus of being ADA-compliant.

Does nonslip paint work?

Yes, nonslip paint does work to provide a safer surface. It is an easy and affordable way to make sure that your flooring is as slip-resistant as possible. Nonslip sidewalk paint is made with grit or aggregate materials that increase the traction of the surface and helps prevent slips and falls.

How Does Non-Slip Sidewalk Paint Work?

Non-slip sidewalk paint, such as COOL!, incorporates a distinct, dry texture to enhance traction on the surface. Our high-quality safety paint is formulated to prevent slipping and ensure your safety. Using the natural laws of science, our team has developed a revolutionary sidewalk paint that not only prevents slipping but keeps the ground 38% cooler. This innovative solution diverts heat from the surface and your feet by redirecting it underground to dissipate, ensuring a cool environment for both the sidewalk and its surroundings.

Who Can Benefit From Safety Paint

Almost anyone can benefit from having nonslip sidewalk paint, from amusement parks, especially water parks, to residential and hospitality businesses that regularly use sidewalks. A nonslip sidewalk paint like COOL! is especially beneficial to commercial areas that have pools, recreational centers, water parks, and resorts, where people with wet feet are especially susceptible to slipping.

Why Use COOL! As A Nonslip Sidewalk Paint

COOL! nonslip sidewalk paint is one of the best solutions for making your sidewalks safe during wet and icy conditions. Not only does cool non-slip sidewalk paint provide added protection on wet and slippery surfaces – it also offers durability, comfort, a cool to the touch surface, and ADA compliance- not to mention an aesthetically pleasing appearance!

Safety Paint

The first and most important reason to use COOL! is that it is a great safety paint. As a nonslip sidewalk paint, its finish adds a layer of traction to prevent the surface from becoming slippery and hazardous. With a stable surface under your feet, you’ll be less likely to trip and fall. This is especially true for those who are barefooted and don’t have the traction that shoes provide, making COOL a fantastic product for pools, water parks, and other places where you are likely to be barefoot and more at risk of slipping.

Comfort & Cool Paint

Compared to other nonslip sidewalk paints that absorb heat and end up reflecting it up and away from the sidewalk, and directly to your feet, COOL! sends the heat down and away from you. Encore Coatings is proud that our safety paint is able to keep the sidewalk 38% cooler than average surfaces. Our nonslip sidewalk paint will keep your feet cool and comfortable to walk on.

ADA Compliant Sidewalk Paint

The ADA Laws mandate that sidewalks should be slip-resistant to ensure accessibility for disabled individuals. However, the specific definition of slip-resistant is often left open to interpretation, leaving property owners and the courts to make the final determination.

Given COOL!’s nonslip properties, our safety paint is the perfect choice for handicap ramps and handicap-accessible areas. While we can’t guarantee that a fall won’t happen, we can provide a stable surface that has enough traction to keep your shoes, canes, and wheelchairs from slipping.

Paint Color Choices

Our COOL! Pool Deck Coatings are available in a wide range of colors, including custom options to perfectly complement any outdoor space. Not only do these coatings create safer and more comfortable sidewalks, but they also enhance the curb appeal of your property with their stunning color choices. You can achieve any color you desire by adding one gallon of exterior acrylic (water-based) paint, but make sure to avoid paints that contain a primer. This gives you endless possibilities for color customization.

Durable Safety Paint

Thanks to its long-lasting finish and excellent heat dispersal capabilities, you can rest assured that your sidewalks will remain cool for many years to come! Our chemical formula forms a robust molecular bond with the concrete, providing protection against peeling and chipping. Additionally, COOL! can repair concrete by filling in cracks up to 1/8″ and permanently sealing them. Even after enduring rigorous pressure washing, our nonslip sidewalk paint will withstand the test of time, unlike other cool deck coatings that would peel or chip under similar conditions.

What To Consider When Buying Concrete Paint?

When you are looking to purchase the best nonslip sidewalk paint, you’ll want to research what is the best quality and most durable paint on the market. Encore Coating recommends that you take the time to think about what your needs are before assessing what kind of safety paint would work best for you. Below are some great starting questions to consider:

  1. Is the safety paint slip resistant?
  2. How much traction does it provide?
  3. Does it meet ADA requirements for slip resistance?
  4. Is the texture comfortable enough to walk on with bare feet or is it too rough?
  5. Does it get hot or does it stay cool?
  6. How durable is this nonslip sidewalk paint?
  7. Can the paint be applied over existing concrete coatings?
  8. What are the available colors?
  9. How do you apply the nonslip sidewalk paint?

Outside of thinking about the specific product, you’ll want to consider the company. Some nonslip sidewalk paint can have tricky applications, so it’s a good idea to have a provider that you are able to get in contact with and ask specific questions about your unique situation. Ideally, your paint company will have a well-developed website filled with information as well as a way for you to communicate with an experienced employee.

Reach Out to Encore Coating for Nonslip Sidewalk Paint

Transform your sidewalks into stylish and safe walkways with Encore Coatings pool deck paint, ensuring the safety and comfort of yourself, your guests, and your customers. Our non-slip concrete paint is ADA-compliant, even when wet. It can be customized to any color, repair existing cracks and chips, and applied to bare or coated concrete surfaces. With its appealing finish and excellent heat dispersal, our nonslip sidewalk paint will make your sidewalk areas comfortable, and reduce the risk of slips and falls.