Encore Pioneers break-through technology. Significantly extends life of deck coating.

Imagine a coating that can heal itself.  Small cuts, holes, and cracks in the coating, all healing themselves within 7-12 days. How does this happen?  Experts at Encore have successfully developed, pioneered, and tested a new formula that contains water-activated nano-particles (see YouTube video below).   When water interacts with the deck coating, this blend of nano-chemistry kicks into gear, forming a microscopic “haystack” that pulls the coating back together, permanently healing the film.  The result is the best wood deck coating available today.  Here’s why:

Why Wood Deck Coatings Fail


Peeling occurs when water gets between the coating and the wood substrate.

Quick.  Google “wood deck resurfacing products” and see how many options consumers have today.  You will find no less than four or five wood deck coating products that are being sold as a panacea to your deck woes, but go one step further.  Look at the reviews.  You will see hundreds of one and two star reviews – hardly a panacea.

Consumer disenchantment with deck coatings center around one primary issue – water intrusion.  No matter how thorough the effort, it is virtually impossible to fill in every single crack in a wood deck surface.  Furthermore, when coatings dry, they go through a process where entrained air bubbles float to the surface of the coating and pop, leaving a “holiday” or small hole in the coating.  A single wood deck can have hundreds, maybe thousands of holidays in the film.  These unfilled cracks and holidays allow water to migrate through the coating, where it gets between the coating and the wood substrate.  This is the kiss of death.








How Encore’s self-healing feature works.

  Watch this YouTube video that explains Encore’s new technology.

Self-healing coatings are beginning to show up in all sorts of applications.  From clear coat finishes on a car to corrosion coatings that activate when rust becomes present on the surface that it’s protecting.  Since water is the nemesis for wood coatings, Encore developed its technology to activate upon the first presence of moisture.