Re-Cool Your KoolDeck

Have you encountered the KoolDeck Dilemma? After several years of use, has your KOOLDECK become weathered, faded by the sun, and "worn down" in high traffic areas?  Have you discovered that it make take tens of thousands of dollars to bring your pool deck back to life? You don't have to pay big money to fix [...]

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Get a Cool Deck Coating Today

According to that old Dale Carnegie classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, there are several ways to leave a lasting impression that never go out of style.  Simple, common sense suggestions like using someone’s name when speaking with them, smiling, and following through with what you said you would do are some of [...]

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Winterizing Your Boat With Encore Mold Stain Preventer

A Little Work Now Will Pay Off Later Here in the South, many of us are often in denial about preparing our boats for the cold, wet winter months.  We are always hopeful we can get one last run through the slalom course or one more sunset cruise in.  If we aren’t careful, fall will [...]

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MSP – Mold Stain Preventer

In today’s world of instant gratification fulfilled by products that don’t live up to their claims, it’s difficult to find a brand you can trust.  Over the years, Encore Coatings has noted, listened to and learned from you, the customer.  We’ve worked to combine what we know to be effective with the feedback from our [...]

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Encore Launches a New Line of Cleaners!

As if the products put out by Encore coatings were not awesome enough, we listened to you, our customers, and have put out a new line of cleaners…Bad Ass Cleaners! The founder of Encore Coatings explained the new line like this:  “We saw that our new products extended beyond the home to the RVs, boats [...]

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Switch To Encore Deck Coating

You're a Retailer.  A couple walks in to look at decking materials. Your salesman, "Ace",  gladly shows them their options, giving them as much time as they need.  He shows them the pressure treated decking that sells for about $.89/linear foot.  He shows them the composite decking options that start around $3.50/linear foot and go [...]

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Hit The Refresh Button on Your Deck

Introducing the Best Mid-Grade Resurfacing Product Available. Refresh is a comfortable, skid-resistant coating that is perfect for the price conscious consumer. Perhaps you're selling your home or you just want a five-year solution for an old, worn deck.  If so, you need a mid-grade resurfacing option and Refresh is the perfect option! Refresh is like [...]

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Best Wood Deck Coating on the Market

Encore For Wood Decks & Docks The Wood Deck Coating that Responds to its Environment. Imagine a coating that would actually get better with each rainfall, instead of worse.  Now there is one.  Encore's intelligent, self-repairing formula is activated by water, fully repairing small holes, cracks, and tears within 7 to 12 days of a [...]

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Cool Pool Deck Coating

Take the Heat Out of Concrete! Cool™ Resurfaces Kool-Deck* and Other Concrete Surfaces - and keeps them cool. Patent Pending. Cool™ is a revolutionary new coating from Encore that enhances the look of your concrete pool deck while reducing heat build-up by as much as 38%. Cool™ rolls out with an ordinary paint roller [...]

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TripleCrown Concrete Cleaner

Concrete Cleaning Simplified. Cleaning concrete has never been easier. TripleCrown is a one-step product that cleans and etches concrete in hours. Simply apply with a hand-pump sprayer, allow to dry ( 3-4 hours), and rinse with water. It's that simple. Your concrete will look like you spent hours behind a pressure washer. Use TripleCrown on [...]

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RustOx – A New Level in Rust Protection.

Paint Directly Over Rust RustOx is a tough, durable, direct-to-rust, direct-to-metal coating. RustOx dries quickly and provides years of protection against further degradation and rust bleed-through. RustOx is a single-component, water-based formulation. It can be applied on-site or at an off-site coating facility, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions available.  Once dry, it [...]

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The Easiest Way to Clean Concrete

A Concrete Cleaner that Simplifies. Stop spending countless hours with a pressure washer.  End the dangerous task of cleaning and etching concrete with acid. Encore's TripleCrown Concrete Cleaner is a one-step clean & etch product that simplifies the arduous task of cleaning concrete. It's Safe. Whether you're preparing concrete for an Encore coating or just wanting to [...]

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SealBack Composite Deck Protectant

SealBack is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry that inhibits mold growth and rejuvenates old composite decks, restoring them to their original color and luster.  No more mold. No more grey.  Best of all, it only costs a few cents per square foot to apply! In minutes, years of aging is reversed and your composite deck is [...]

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POLYMATRx Paint Additive – End Paint Maintenance!

End Paint Maintenance When You Create A Lifetime Paint. Welcome to the website that the big paint companies didn't want you to find. Each year, these companies make millions of dollars selling paint to homeowners who are having to repaint. The fact is, there's a way to create a lifetime paint, but why would paint [...]

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Durable Wood Coating for Marine Piling and Wale Systems

21POLYPLUS is a proprietary blend of resins and organic chemistry designed for application on marine piling and wale systems. 21POLYPLUS dries fast and creates a durable, monolithic coating on wood. It has been proven to encapsulate CCA, a preservative that has been found to be harmful to humans and the environment. 21POLYPLUS also provides protection [...]

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