Repairing and Resurfacing: How Encore Coatings Fixes Cracks and Imperfections


When it comes to maintaining a pool deck, the challenges of dealing with cracks, heat, and safety are consistent. Encore Coatings, a leader in the industry, offers innovative solutions to these problems with our advanced concrete paint and sealer products. Our products are specifically formulated to address the unique demands of pool deck environments, ensuring […]

Make Concrete Cleaning A Breeze With Triple Crown Concrete Cleaner

Keeping your concrete surfaces clean shouldn’t require hours of backbreaking scrubbing or pressure washing. With Triple Crown Concrete Cleaner from Encore Coatings, you can make concrete cleaning as easy as spraying and rinsing. As the leader in innovative concrete coatings and cleaners, Encore Coatings has developed the ultimate one-step concrete cleaner that outperforms the competition. […]

Transforming Your Concrete Surface Aesthetics With Encore Coatings

From driveways and patios to floors and walls, concrete surfaces are often overlooked as potential canvases for creativity. Concrete’s dull, gray appearance can leave much to be desired in terms of aesthetics, yet with its durability and versatility, concrete offers a blank slate that can be transformed into beautiful surfaces. One of the most effective […]

The Origins of Encore Coatings with Jeff Moreau Jr

As an innovator of the highest-quality pool deck coatings and surfaces, Encore Coatings has been a reliable staple in the community for years but how did we become that way? Jeff Moreau Jr, the co-founder and vice president of Encore Coatings, will guide us through the origin story of Encore Coatings. Through hard work and […]

How To Take Care of Your Pool Deck Coating

A neglected or damaged pool deck doesn’t make for an inviting atmosphere for yourself, friends, and family to gather around. So if you’re wanting to keep your pool environment in top shape, it pays to consider how well you’re taking care of its coating or surfacing material. This blog post will discuss how to clean […]

Re-Cool Your KoolDeck

Have you encountered the KoolDeck Dilemma? After several years of use, has your Kooldeck become weathered, faded by the sun, and “worn down” in high-traffic areas? Is it difficult to clean, causing unsightly stains and discoloration? If so, you’re not alone! Many homeowners face the Kooldeck dilemma when it comes to restoring their Kooldeck surfaces. […]

Get a Cool Deck Coating Today

Get Your Pool Deck Ready for Summer With COOL! Pool Deck Coating According to that old Dale Carnegie classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, there are several ways to leave a lasting impression that never go out of style.  Simple, common sense suggestions like using someone’s name when speaking with them, smiling, and […]

Winterizing Your Boat With Encore Mold Stain Preventer

A Little Work Now Will Pay Off Later Here in the South, many of us are often in denial about preparing our boats for the cold, wet winter months.  We are always hopeful we can get one last run through the slalom course or one more sunset cruise in.  If we aren’t careful, fall will […]

MSP – Mold Stain Preventer

outdoor siding

How You Can Prevent Mold Stains Around Your Home In today’s world of instant gratification fulfilled by products that don’t live up to their claims, it’s difficult to find a brand you can trust.  Over the years, Encore Coatings has noted, listened to and learned from you, the customer.  We’ve worked to combine what we […]

Cool Pool Deck Coating

Take the Heat Out of Concrete! Cool™ Resurfaces Kool-Deck* and Other Concrete Surfaces – and keeps them cool. Patent Pending. Cool™ is a revolutionary new coating from Encore that enhances the look of your concrete pool deck while reducing heat build-up by as much as 38%. Cool™ rolls out with an ordinary paint roller and […]