The Easiest Way to Clean Concrete

How a Concrete Cleaner Can Help You Clean Your Concrete the Easy Way

A Concrete Cleaner that Simplifies.

Stop spending countless hours with a pressure washer.  End the dangerous task of cleaning and etching concrete with acid. Encore’s TripleCrown Concrete Cleaner is a one-step clean & etch product that simplifies the arduous task of cleaning concrete.

It’s Safe.

Whether you’re preparing concrete for an Encore coating or just wanting to “brighten up the place”, TripleCrown is the answer.  TripleCrown is a water-based cleaner that uses salt as the main cleaning and etching agent – so it’s much safer than acid.  

It’s easy to apply.

Apply TripleCrown with a low-pressure, hand pump sprayer, allow it to sit for 3 or 4 hours, and rinse with a garden hose and spray attachment.  Watch how decades of dirt and grime simply wash away, leaving behind the bright concrete surface that you haven’t seen in awhile.

It does the work while you tend to other things.

TripleCrown’s effervescent action penetrates deep into concrete, safely removing dirt, alkali, grease, and grime. TripleCrown does in a few hours, what it would take you and a pressure washer an entire day to do. Plus, while TripleCrown is doing the work, you can be enjoying your time or dealing with other tasks.  Can’t  find the time to rinse TripleCrown off?  That’s okay, too. Let it dry. TripleCrown can be rinsed off days later and still produce the same great results!

The fine print.

TripleCrown will etch glass and ceramic tile. Do not allow TripleCrown to get on these surfaces unless you are trying to etch them.  The effect is considered permanent.

TripleCrown is sold in one gallon containers and each container treats between 200 and 250 square feet.

TripleCrown contains salt, which can hurt grass and plants. Use an abundance of water to rinse TripleCrown in order to dilute the solution and protect vegetation.

TripleCrown can be used to clean outdoor patios, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors. TripleCrown removes stubborn oil and grease stains from garage floors.  Allow additional time for TripleCrown to  work on stubborn stains.