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The Ultimate Guide on Pool Deck Coatings

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on Pool Deck Coatings! Here at Encore Coatings, we know how many pool deck options can be considered for a remodelling project or a newly built pool. You’ve probably come across everything from flagstone to pavers, stamped concrete to exposed pebble finishes, and of course, specialty coatings. We hope [...]

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Re-Cool Your KoolDeck

Have you encountered the KoolDeck Dilemma? After several years of use, has your KOOLDECK become weathered, faded by the sun, and "worn down" in high traffic areas?  Have you discovered that it make take tens of thousands of dollars to bring your pool deck back to life? You don't have to pay big money to fix [...]

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Get a Cool Deck Coating Today

According to that old Dale Carnegie classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, there are several ways to leave a lasting impression that never go out of style.  Simple, common sense suggestions like using someone’s name when speaking with them, smiling, and following through with what you said you would do are some of [...]

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Winterizing Your Boat With Encore Mold Stain Preventer

A Little Work Now Will Pay Off Later Here in the South, many of us are often in denial about preparing our boats for the cold, wet winter months.  We are always hopeful we can get one last run through the slalom course or one more sunset cruise in.  If we aren’t careful, fall will [...]

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MSP – Mold Stain Preventer

In today’s world of instant gratification fulfilled by products that don’t live up to their claims, it’s difficult to find a brand you can trust.  Over the years, Encore Coatings has noted, listened to and learned from you, the customer.  We’ve worked to combine what we know to be effective with the feedback from our [...]

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Encore Launches a New Line of Cleaners!

As if the products put out by Encore coatings were not awesome enough, we listened to you, our customers, and have put out a new line of cleaners…Bad Ass Cleaners! The founder of Encore Coatings explained the new line like this:  “We saw that our new products extended beyond the home to the RVs, boats [...]

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Why Fall is the best time to clean your roof with Apply & Forget.

Clean Your Roof This Fall! Why is Fall roof cleaning a good idea?  Apply & Forget relies on Mother Nature to help rinse away dirt and stains.  In most places in the US, Fall and Winter are rainy, snowy seasons.  This means lots of water and ice that will help do the rinsing. [...]

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Apply and Forget: the revolutionary way to clean your home.

For jobs over 800 sq.ft., buy the 2-pack bundle and save! Here in Georgia we are entering into the hunker-down-and-bear-it time of summer. It. Is. Hot.  Miserably hot. But as the old saying goes, everybody complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.  In other words, life must go [...]

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Once & Gone: Apply & Forget

Standing in his front yard throwing the baseball with his son, a dad can’t seem to stay focused.  As he misses the third throw in a row, his son asks if he is ok.  Then he realizes his mind has been on all of the things left undone that need to be done soon on [...]

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Introducing The Toughest Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning Everything From A to Z While you are shopping for cleaning products, it can be particularly difficult to find a product that is truly “multi-purpose” when so many of these cleaners are designed for only 1 type of surface like hardwood floors, concrete, leather, or aluminum. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single [...]

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Protecting Your Deck This Winter

During the warm summer months, everyone loves relaxing and grilling out on the deck, but as temperatures begin to drop, the quality of your deck can be drastically damaged if you don’t take preventative measures beforehand. In fact, a majority of wood deck damage occurs between the months of November and February, when temperatures dip [...]

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The First Deck Coating That Repairs Itself

Before Applying Encore Encore’s New Self-Healing Technology. An Amazing New Development. Why Wood Coatings Often Fail When applying a wood coating, it's critical that all checks and splits on the wood surface are complete filled, resulting in a coating that is completely free of  voids or openings called "holidays". Holidays allow water to [...]

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The Best Deck Coating Additive

Big Canoe, GA.  The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia have to be one of the prettiest places in the State to call home.  Nestled between Jasper and Dawsonville is the mountain community of Big Canoe, a sprawling 10,000 acre Audubon Wildlife Preserve that has approximately 2,500 homes. At heights of up to 3,200 feet [...]

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The Best Deck Coating Just Got Better!

Encore Pioneers break-through technology. Significantly extends life of deck coating. Imagine a coating that can heal itself.  Small cuts, holes, and cracks in the coating, all healing themselves within 7-12 days. How does this happen?  Experts at Encore have successfully developed, pioneered, and tested a new formula that contains water-activated nano-particles (see YouTube video below). [...]

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Refresh – A Wood Deck Resurfacing Product That Fits the Budget!

Wood and Concrete Resurfacing Product Looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-apply coating for your wood deck?  Refresh is your answer! Refresh is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply wood deck coating that can also be used on concrete surfaces.  Simply add one gallon of paint (an exterior acrylic in your color choice) into the Refresh kit, mix, and [...]

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