SealBack Nano-Particle Clear Sealer

“Imagine a particle so small, a container the size of a sugar cube can hold enough of that particle to treat an area the size of two football fields. It’s time to think small.”

Using new, state-of-the-art chemistry, SealBack™ can provide unmatched protection against sun and rain damage. Nano-chemistry makes it so.
The 21st Century Meets The Nano-Particle.

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nano-particle is classified as any particle under 100 nanometers. A 40nm particle is 1,000 times smaller than a human hair. SealBack™ is a low VOC clear acrylic sealer that is formulated with a proprietary blend of various nano-particles. The blend of particles come together to provide excellent protection against UV, water, abrasion, and dirt. This is a one-of-a-kind concrete sealer – another Encore breakthrough.

Protection from UV

While other clear sealers allow UV to penetrate and grey the wood or coating below, SealBack’s proprietary formula blocks UV and preserves the beauty of what it’s protecting.

Meet the Game-Changer

Today’s clear sealers not only quickly succumb to the ravages of UV damage, they also permit the UV rays to pass through and damage the substrate below. This is easily seen in clear coats that allow wood to grey and colors to fade within a year of being applied. SealBack™ changes the game with its unique nano-particle formulation that blocks UV and protects the wood or masonry substrate.

One coat of SealBack™, sprayed and back-rolled onto virtually any substrate, protects it for years. Apply two coats and extend the service life even further. Because of a coverage estimate between 500 – 1,000 square feet/gallon (substrate dependent), SealBack™ is the most cost effective option on the market today – even when compared to the inexpensive products on the market!

SealBack™ provides 100% protection for all outdoor wood surfaces.
Let SealBack™ enhance and protect the beautiful wood elements on your home.
SealBack is the recommended sealer for Cool, Encore’s patent-pending pool deck coating.
SealBack is easily applied with a sprayer and back-rolled. Dries clear in minutes.