Cleaning Everything From A to Z

While you are shopping for cleaning products, it can be particularly difficult to find a product that is truly “multi-purpose” when so many of these cleaners are designed for only 1 type of surface like hardwood floors, concrete, leather, or aluminum. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single cleaning product that could perform on all of these surfaces?

For that purpose, Encore Coatings is proud to announce its newest and most effective cleaning product yet: A to Z Cleaner – the first multi-purpose solution that can lift grime, dirt, and buildup from virtually any surface.

A to Z Cleaner was designed with the consumer in mind. Rather than owning a separate bottle of cleaner for hardwood floors and auto leather and concrete, it is more cost-effective and space-saving to use a single multi-purpose cleaner. Not only that, but A to Z Cleaner also outperforms just about any other residential and commercial cleaner on the market.

We spoke with Doug Williams, an Atlanta area restaurant owner, to see why he uses A to Z Cleaner. His answer: “It’s just easier than anything else.” After purchasing the product through Encore Coatings, Doug has been using the cleaner for about six weeks, noting that weekly cleanups have been more efficient and thorough.

A To Z Amazing CleanerBecause the cleaner is so effective as a degreaser, Doug’s restaurant mainly uses A to Z Cleaner for removing grease from kitchen equipment and floors. He mentions that “with this stuff, I only have to use a few sprays and don’t need to work nearly as hard to get the same amount of grease off the floor.” Good news for Doug, A to Z Cleaner has lowered his cleaning expenditures and actually boosted the efficiency of his business by reducing cleanup times.

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How does it work? This product was formulated by some of the brightest minds in residential and commercial cleaning. While we can’t give away the secret formula, we can tell you that it is made of 100% biodegradable compounds that penetrate deep into buildups of dirt, grime, and oil after only a few seconds of exposure. Because it doesn’t contain bleach, it is also safe to use around your family and pets.

In fact, A to Z Cleaner is quickly becoming the #1 product that homeowners are turning to for simple cleanups in and around the house. Why? Because it’s a great way to save money.

Statistics show that the average homeowner spends a staggering $659 a year on cleaning products. Of course, this number includes things like paper towels and kitchen sponges, but a good proportion of this number also reflects expensive, single-use cleaning sprays that sit on the shelf for months at a time. Homeowners can easily and cheaply reduce their cleaning expenses by cutting out unnecessary cleaners and replacing them with something that works everywhere around the house.

At only $17.95 per half gallon, A to Z Cleaner saves you money on the best home cleaning product on the market. Don’t take our word for it – trust homeowners like Cindy LaPaglia who have already made the switch. She admits, “With three kids around the house, you can imagine there’s a good amount of cleaning to be done. But whenever there’s a mess, there’s only one bottle I grab – A to Z Cleaner.”

How much money can A to Z Cleaner save you? This solution is so powerful that it is still effective when you dilute it with a 1:20 water ratio. That means for less than 2 cents per ounce, you are getting the toughest cleaner on the market at a price that’s more than six times cheaper than traditional products.

With this new product, Encore Coatings is excited to make cleaning easier for thousands of businesses and homeowners. Check out A to Z Cleaner on our online store to find out more today!