Once & Gone CleanerStanding in his front yard throwing the baseball with his son, a dad can’t seem to stay focused.  As he misses the third throw in a row, his son asks if he is ok.  Then he realizes his mind has been on all of the things left undone that need to be done soon on his house.  The house standing there in the backdrop behind his son…the house they call home.  The home that always seems to demand so much attention.  “Why can’t there be more hours in the day,” he wonders.  “Why do I have to choose between spending valuable time with my family and the maintaining my home?”

If you’ve ever been where this dad has been, we understand.  At Encore, we would never claim to fix all of your problems or make all of your homeowner dreams come true.  We can, however, assure you of one thing. We will do our best to offer you environmentally safe, affordable, and effective products that will help you free up your time for the things you love the most.

Out of Encore’s continual pursuit of excellence has evolved a new product that will greatly enhance and expand our cleaning products line.  This product is called Apply and Forget and is in the family of Once and Gone cleaners.  Apply and Forget does just what the name suggests.  Cleaning unwanted mold, mildew, and algae stains on your roof and house has never been so easy.  You simply spray Once & Gone on your roof, walls, or deck and leave it there to work its magic.  Unlike our competitors, Spray and Forget and Wet and Forget, Apply and Forget is not a product that takes 6 months to take action.  You will notice a substantial difference in the look of your home in just two short months.  Not only does our cleaning solution take 1/3 of the time of our competitors to work, but Apply and Forget also sells for less.

We have also introduced a Once & Gone InstaClean, a cleaner that produces instant results.  Like Apply & Forget, this awesome option can clean your home from it’s roof to the road in an instant!  Whether cleaning those boat cushions that have been stored all winter or your outdoor deck for your next summer barbecue, InstaClean is an excellent choice.  Simply spray Once and Gone InstaClean on the surface you wish to clean, wait 15 minutes and rinse away.  You will be amazed at the instant results.

Lastly, to make sure you put those finishing touches on that sparkle and shine, we highly recommend that you use Once and Gone MSP.  MSP stands for Mold Stain Preventer.  This products works like a barrier on your home or outdoor surfaces to prevent conditions that encourage mold, mildew, and algae growth.  Like a shield around your home, MSP will provide a protection against mold stain for up to 3 years.

As with all of our products, Encore stands behind the quality of the Once and Gone cleaning line.  In our efforts to produce environmentally friendly products, we are committed to leading the way in producing cleaners that are safe for any environment.  We strive for excellence in our development, service and support.  Thank you for considering our products.  Please call on us today: 888-776-2242