Poolcrylic Waterborne Pool Paint

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Poolcrylic easily meets the demands of commercial pools while still being easy enough for the DIY homeowner to install!

Your neighbors will think you’re an Expert when they see your handywork!  Encore’s Poolcrylic is a safe, water-based paint coating that rolls out easy and levels well.

Application:  Clean surface with TripleCrown.  Apply Poolcrylic Primer and allow to dry.  Apply two coats of Poolcrylic Top Coat and you’re done!  Allow to dry 7-10 days before filling the pool.

Coverage:  400 square feet – 1 coat.  Coats required: 2.  Completed coverage = 200 square feet/gallon

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The Best Pool Paint Available.

Poolcrylic is the safe, effective method for protecting virtually any pool surface.  The low VOC formulation eliminates the dangerous and obnoxious fumes that other pool paints are notorious for, making Poolcrylic the obvious choice for indoor pools and DIY projects.

Superior Color Stability.

Did you know that epoxy paint fades rather quickly above the water line?  It does.  In fact, that’s one of the biggest complaints among pool owners when it comes to the look of their epoxy-painted pool!

Poolcrylic’s water-based formulation is considerably more stable than epoxy when it comes to UV fade resistance.  Poolcrylic keeps your pool looking great longer!

The Easiest, Fastest Way to Perfect!

Encore’s made it easy for pool owners, taking the guesswork out of their pool project.  Here’s how:

  • Other options require you to mix and match products that you might not know anything about.  The Poolcrylic System is comprised of products that are guaranteed compatible.
  • Our cleaner, TripleCrown, not only cleans and etches, it also neutralizes the surface pH – something other cleaners may not do.  This complete clean and prep product insures that the surface is perfect for painting.
  • The Poolcrylic Primer will bond tightly to any pool surface (other than vinyl liners) and give you the confidence of knowing that maximum adhesive properties are attained.
  • When you begin to roll out the two topcoats, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease in which Poolcrylic covers the surface.  Using ordinary paint rollers (3/4″ nap), users can easily coat their pool over a 2-day period.  The result?  A beautiful, protective coating that makes you look like the smartest pool owner on the Planet!

The Professional’s Pool Paint.

Lifelong pool pros turn to Poolcrylic when it comes to a reliable alternative for pool surfaces.  Our customers include property managers, contractors, hotels, condominiums, water parks, and homeowners.  Poolcrylic’s ability to serve a diverse array of needs is the reason it’s becoming the Nation’s choice for pool paint!

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