The Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Products

The Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

The new pool construction industry has never been hotter, but with millions of pools nearing 15 years old or more, existing pool owners are taking it upon themselves to spruce up the surrounding environment by using cost effective remodeling solutions.

DIY pool deck resurfacing has quickly become the most notable upgrade pool owners have on their list. With pool deck demolition and replacement costing a fortune, DIY pool deck resurfacing options have become a lifeline for many, offering a cost-effective solution for beautifying and improving function and safety on the pool deck. This blog will showcase concrete pool deck resurfacing, and many pool deck resurfacing ideas for different types of pool deck surfaces. With pool deck resurfacing products becoming more popular, we’ll help outline what to consider, and what’s involved in the process.

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What is the best pool deck resurfacing material?

Have a hot pool deck? Luckily, there are products available that allow you to resurface a pool deck on your own, resulting in a cooler-to-the-touch concrete surface that won’t burn your feet on a hot summer day. COOL! by Encore Coatings is the best pool deck resurfacing material. That’s because it:

  • Reduces surface temperatures by up to 38%.
  • Is easy to install with DIY capabilities.
  • Can be ANY Color you want!
  • Features a slip resistant, durable finish.

For a concrete pool deck coating that makes swimming pool deck resurfacing a snap, COOL! is the product for you.

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COOL! Pool Deck Coatings: How it Works

How does COOL! work? This innovative pool deck refinishing product uses science to keep your pool deck cool all summer long. Because heat will always try to travel to the coolest side of a substrate, COOL! has been formulated to use this natural law of science to pull heat into the soil beneath the pool deck, where it can dissipate, instead of reflecting heat up and away from the deck surface like other concrete resurfacing paints and coatings. As long as the temperature on any given day is warmer than the temperature of the soil beneath your pool deck, COOL! will allow the heat to travel through the concrete slab. This keeps your feet from roasting on hot concrete, and keeps the entire pool environment cooler as well!

How to Resurface a Pool Deck

When you’re looking to DIY pool deck resurfacing, the process can seem daunting. But COOL! Makes it easy to get a beautiful, durable, non-slip, textured finish in any color you want. For a concrete pool deck resurfacing before and after you won’t believe, follow our proven steps for application of cool deck coatings.

Every bucket of COOL! deck coating includes two products: one is a liquid (Part A), the other a bag of powder (Part B). You will also need to add a gallon of exterior latex or acrylic paint that you choose at your local paint store (any color of your choice*). If heat reduction is a priority, Encore Coatings recommends light pastel colors for maximum heat reduction.

Once you have all of the components you need, you can begin to blend all three products thoroughly in the bucket using a power drill and mixing attachment. Do this on-site for best results. Each bucket will create 3.5 total gallons, which can complete about 175 square feet on average (2 coats). This means if you have 1,000 square feet of deck to resurface, you’ll need about 6 buckets to complete your project. Two good, wet coats of COOL! are required using a ¾-inch nap roller. The project is completed by installing two coats of SealBack clear concrete sealer. Additionally, use Triple Crown to clean and prepare the surface prior to application.

*Use recommended (tested) paint choices from Encore Coatings- See Paint Choice Menu (BELOW).

Pool Cool Deck Paint Options

For the paint you choose to use with the COOL! product, Encore Coatings recommends a mid-grade, exterior acrylic paint in either a satin or semi-gloss sheen finish. Because there are some paints that need to be avoided, Encore Coatings recommends using their variety of tested paints.

For the paint you choose to use with the COOL! product, Encore Coatings recommends a mid-grade, exterior acrylic paint in either a satin or semi-gloss sheen finish. Because there are some paints that need to be avoided, Encore Coatings recommends using their variety of tested paints.

Recommended paint types for use with COOL:

  • Sherwin Williams: A-100 (Exterior)
  • PPG: SPEEDHIDE (Exterior)
  • Home Depot: BEHR Ultra (Exterior)
  • Lowe’s: Valspar Season PLUS (Exterior) *do not use StormCoat
    True Value: Painter’s Select (interior/exterior) (semi-gloss)

Benefits of Cool Pool Deck Paint

As well as reducing the surface temperature of the deck around your pool, COOL! pool deck paint offers other benefits when applied:

  • Slip-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective and Affordable
  • 10-Year Commercial Warranty
  • Guaranteed for as long as you own your home
  • Can easily be installed with standard paint tools
  • Can be applied over many different types of surfaces that you may already have around your pool, including bare concrete, exposed aggregate/pebble decks, and textured knockdown toppings.

COOL! can be used to resurface all types of decks:

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

stamped concrete

Stamped concrete pool decks are somewhat common and provide a decorative, contoured appearance. COOL! is a great option when it comes time to resurface stamped concrete. However, a stamped concrete pool deck is always sealed with a clear sealer during the initial application. It is important to inspect the stamped concrete around the pool to confirm there is no longer any active clear sealer. Do this by conducting a simple visual inspection, and also use a water repellency test. The outcome of a stamped concrete pool deck resurfacing project depends heavily on whether the COOL! pool deck coating can adhere to the surface or not. If the stamped concrete pool deck still has a sealer (and is repelling water), it should be removed via chemical stripping or mechanical abrasion. Keep in mind, chemical stripping is a better idea here, as abrasions and grinding will affect the “stamp” lines.

One thing to note is that COOL! Pool Deck Coating will not eliminate the contours in the surface of stamped concrete, nor result in a smooth appearance. The features of the stamp will remain (to an extent) even after COOL! is installed. However, COOL! will provide an entirely new surface and sheet of “armor” to the stamped concrete pool deck. Keep in mind that COOL! is a solid color product; although any color of your choice, the coating will ultimately cover any colors that previously existed within the stamped concrete.

Exposed Aggregate Pool Decks

exposed aggegate

While aggregate pools decks were once all the rage, over time they can become tough to walk on, hot, and aesthetically outdated. COOL! has become the #1 DIY aggregate pool deck resurfacing product to solve all three issues!

Although not as popular as they once were, exposed aggregate pool decks are still being installed around the country. Referred to by some as the “pebble deck” or “river rock” finish, exposed aggregate pool decks were extremely popular once upon a time. Therefore, millions of aggregate pool decks can still be found, and many are begging for a facelift. Decades of pressure washings, pool water chemical attack, freezing and thawing climates, and foot traffic have made many of these aggregate pool decks unbearable to walk on.

This is because the “cream” of the concrete, where the pebbles are embedded, has eroded over time, over-exposing the pebble and creating a sharp walking surface. Although clear sealers can prolong this decay, it is inevitable, and clear treatments do very little for increasing comfort. Eventually, pebble pool deck and exposed aggregate pool deck owners must do something to preserve their pool deck, or pay tens of thousands to replace the pool deck entirely.

Aggregate pool deck resurfacing has recently become a popular solution to the issue. By resurfacing exposed aggregate pool decks with the COOL! Pool Deck Coating from Encore Coatings, people are solving the “sharp surface” issue and reducing the pool deck’s temperature at the same time, all while transforming the entire vibe of the outdoor swimming pool space. There’s not a more visually impactful upgrade you can do to a pool!

Pool Decks- Knockdown Coatings

knock down finish

Wondering how to resurface a cool deck or other similar knockdown toppings? Correctly referred to as “kooldeck,” the popular knockdown textured topping of the 60’s-2000’s has become perhaps the most prolific pool deck surface to be found. Many similar toppings have entered the market since the 1960’s, which also offer the stucco-like finish. These products are known to last a long time when installed correctly, however they are very labor intensive to install, and require a skilled applicator to apply. The prevalence of this material is why kool deck resurfacing has become a huge part of the pool deck design and renovation industry, simply because there are so many of these toppings that need to be rejuvenated.

Before COOL! by Encore Coatings, there were only two painful options for the folks who were looking to rehab their existing kool decks. The options were to paint it with ordinary floor paints from the local big-box store, or replace the knockdown entirely after a full demolition. The first option will result in better aesthetics (for a short time), but will completely eliminate any cooling properties the cool deck once had. The second option costs an outrageous amount of money, sometimes nearing $30k for a typical residential pool. As you can see, this is (was) a dilemma!

COOL! by Encore Coatings is the best option to resurface kooldeck. It will not eliminate the knockdown texture, but will simply give the deck an entirely new surface, complete with a durable, slip-resistant texture, and cooling benefits to prevent anyone from burning their feet! It’s also a great way to change the color theme and transform the pool deck into a modern, more contemporary setting. Best of all, this can be done with typical DIY equipment and skill level, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars. COOL! by Encore Coatings is the most logical solution for pool deck resurfacing of kool deck and other knockdown toppings.

Apply COOL! Over Old Textured Pool Deck Topping

apply Cool! to old deck

Whether your pool deck is exposed aggregate, cement, kooldeck, or any other type of coated surface, COOL! can deliver the resurfacing results you’re looking for. Old textured pool deck paint and coatings from other brands can be resurfaced with COOL! easily: We recommend inspecting the existing topping to make sure it is structurally sound, and then clean the topping and apply COOL! as instructed on the product. This will save you thousands in demolition and replacement costs and bring a new, cooler life to your pool deck space.

COOL! Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

COOL! isn’t just for private residences. This product is also great for commercial pool deck resurfacing projects at hotels, apartment complexes, parks, gyms, and other commercial uses.

Because it is an ADA compliant surface, it will help prevent slips and falls in and around your pool that would be a hazard with other wet, slippery pool decking materials. This non-slip concrete paint can also be applied to sidewalks and other hard outdoor flooring surfaces to keep the pavement safe for patrons, as well as looking great.

How much does it cost to resurface a pool deck?

The average cost to resurface a pool deck depends on how large the surface is that you need to cover, as well as the kind of paint you buy. With Encore’s COOL! Pool Deck Coating, you can expect to spend about $1.50 per square foot for a pool deck resurfacing project. That means the concrete pool deck resurfacing cost for a 1,000 square-foot surface would be $1,500; in other words, much cheaper than a full demolition and replacement of an old pool deck would be.

Use Encore Cool Deck Coating Pool Deck Resurfacing

resurface your pool deck with Cool!

Encore Coatings’ COOL! Is the best way to resurface concrete pool decks and other hard surfaces on your patio, pool deck, or sidewalk. With a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your house, we stand behind our cool deck paint product and its many benefits. From the customizable color to the added safety features to the cooling effect, you can’t go wrong when it’s time to resurface your pool deck. Give us a call today for more information or to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Deck Resurfacing

It’s easy to resurface a concrete pool deck with COOL!, Encore Coatings’ revolutionary cool pool deck paint. When mixed with the paint of your choice, this product creates a protective coating that adheres to concrete and keeps the surface cooler all summer long.

Before resurfacing a pool deck, Encore Coatings recommends you inspect the deck for structural integrity, and then prepare the surface with TripleCrown cleaning agent. Then, mix the two-part product COOL! Pool Deck Paint with a gallon of the exterior paint of your choice, and you’re ready to start resurfacing your pool deck with a coating that will last as long as you own your home.

The best pool deck resurfacing products can be found online at, as well as at trusted retailers including Lowe’s and local paint stores. Visit our store locator to find Encore Coatings products near you.