The Best Backyard Pool Deck Designs

Getting your backyard ready for summer doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be quite fun, especially when you build a new pool deck or get the chance to redesign your current pool deck. Updating the pool deck is a great way to change the entire “feel” of the entire pool, and it’s relatively easy to do! Just a few quick DIY designs here and there, and your backyard will feel like new! View our pool deck design ideas below.

Getting Started with Pool Deck Designs

Ultimately, pool deck designs will depend on whether your pool deck is pressure treated wood, concrete, or perhaps stone and other like materials. Concrete pool decks are better for inground pools, while wood decks are often used for above-ground pools. Here are a few ways to update your deck designs with pool inspired options.

Pool Deck Designs & Landscaping

An easy way to make your backyard more enjoyable is to add landscaping to your pool deck design. In your yard space around the pool, try adding trees and shrubs, and even pebble stone for ground cover. Trees can be used to add shade around the pool, but they should be placed at least 15 feet away from the edge of the pool. Pay attention to the sun’s location at certain points of the day to decide where your shade is needed. Trees Popular trees to add around your pool include palm trees, evergreens, magnolia trees, and crape myrtles. Palm trees offer a beachy feeling, evergreens are low maintenance, magnolia trees grow tall with beautiful bright blooms, and crape myrtles are thin at the base and round up top with large colorful blooms. Shrubs Shrubs are another great way to make your backyard feel more relaxed. As they grow, shrubs can be used to make a privacy fence. Many shrubbery such as rose bushes, gardenias, and hydrangeas are low maintenance and provide beautiful flowers as well. Of course, normal bushes such as holly and other evergreens will provide a balanced structure to your yard. Potted Plants If you don’t have much ground to work with or you’d like to add landscaping on your pool deck, you can never go wrong with potted plants. You can find beautiful and lightweight pots at your local hardware or gardening store. Be sure to place holes in the bottom if not already there so water can drain. If you plant perennials, they should grow back year after year. Make sure to water the plants according to the instructions on the packaging.

Notes About Landscaping and Pool Deck Designs

Adding landscaping to your backyard is a great way to improve the look and overall feel of your pool deck design. Of course, the types of trees, shrubs, and flowers you plant will depend on your geographic location. Some plants do better with cooler temperatures, while others prefer hot and dry conditions. Always check with a local gardening company to see what they recommend for growing around your pool.

Lighting for Pool Deck Designs

Another way to improve your pool deck design is to update your pool deck lighting. Take advantage of your pool at all hours of the day — and night — with pool deck lights. While your home’s current security lights may be ‘enough’, you can create a warm and welcoming space by installing new lighting fixtures around your pool. While you may face certain challenges with electric or gas lighting, solar lights are a great choice for pool decks. Available in many different designs and colors, solar lights charge during the day and automatically turn on at dusk. There’s no need to turn on your deck lights as it gets dark – you can simply enjoy your time outside as the evening transitions into night.

Solar Light Options for Pool Deck Designs

Every pool deck is designed differently. Here are some options you’ll have when it comes to finding the perfect solar light for your pool deck:
  • Solar Lamp Posts – place on or near your pool deck to provide 360 degrees of illumination
  • Solar Pathway Lights – place on the edges of pathways to assist with darker areas
  • Solar Wall Lights – place on exterior walls or sturdy fences to add light to a specific area
  • Solar Security Lights – place as directed to provide light when motion is detected nearby
  • Solar Flood Lights – place in your yard to show off landscape, fountains, and other foliage
  • Solar Deck/Column Lights – place on brick or fence columns to provide a welcoming glow around your backyard’s perimeter
Solar lighting is an effortless pool deck design idea that brightens your backyard. Choose a style that complements your pool’s theme so it adds to your pool deck not only at night, but during the day as well. Solar light fixtures are sold in stores and online and are available in black, white, bronze, and silvers. Additionally, you have the option between warm white and bright white light and a variety of unique styles (classic, modern, rustic, etc). Decorative outdoor lighting is a must when it comes to creating a well-designed pool deck, and solar lights make it easy.

Pool Deck Privacy Designs

Looking to add more privacy to your pool deck? Consider adding fences around your pool, building pergolas with outdoor draperies, or building exterior walls to make your pool more private. If you or your spouse is handy with tools, these ideas can be DIY pool deck projects. However, you may decide to hire a contractor.

Pool Deck Gates & Fence

When it comes to building a pool deck gate or fence, if your deck is wooden, a wooden fence may work well. Consider painting your deck and fence with a wood deck coating to extend the life of your wood. If you build your deck and fence yourself, you can get creative with the pool deck designs you choose. Browse Pinterest for inspiration or try a self-closing or sliding metal gate. If you have a concrete, inground pool, decorative metal gates can add a unique style and sophistication to your backyard. Unless you have experience installing this type of equipment, you should hire a professional to install a metal gate around your pool.

Pool Deck Pergolas

Another way to add privacy to your pool deck is to build or install a pergola. These outdoor structures can be built in a variety of ways, adding shade and a sense of privacy as well. Wooden pergolas usually work well for both wooden and concrete pool decks, and can either be built yourself or installed by another company. When adding a pergola to your backyard, you’ll have many options. For instance, style (modern/contemporary, wood/metal), color (stained, painted, etc), design (dimensions, roof style, curtain/privacy options), placement (attached to your home/patio, on your pool deck, in your yard or garden), and more. Look online or on Pinterest for pictures of pergolas you like to get a better idea of what you’re envisioning. Updating your landscaping, lighting, and backyard structures can do miracles for your backyard pool deck design. There are plenty of other pool deck ideas you can try if you’re looking to specifically better your concrete pool deck.

Concrete Pool Deck Design Ideas

For inground pools, there’s no denying that concrete is the best option for your deck. So what types of deck designs with a pool are available for concrete decks? The options are endless! Of course, start with the basics mentioned above: add trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative lighting, gates, and pergolas. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even add arbors or gazebos to make your pool deck truly unique. With a concrete pool deck, you’ll have more options for customizing your pool deck design. Learn more below about our favorite concrete pool deck design ideas.

Create a Pool Deck Patio

If your home does not already have a concrete slab for a patio, you are sure missing out. Having a large concrete area around your pool provides space for party hosting and relaxing outdoors. Concrete patios can be covered or used in tandem with your new pergola. It’s easy to dress up your pool deck patio – just add some outdoor furniture, tables, and accent pieces. If your patio is covered, add a TV or projector so you can watch the big game or host pool parties and movie nights for the kids. To give your patio and pool deck the look you’re envisioning, you can paint your concrete literally any color you’d like. However, not all paints are created equal, nor designed specifically for pool decks! View our tips for finding the best pool deck paint so your concrete is beautiful, durable, safe, and cool on bare feet! For the best concrete pool deck design, make sure to leave room to install an outdoor kitchen or bar. Space to grill out, cook dinner, or just room to mix up a refreshing drink will make your backyard pool much more enjoyable. Stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and a fireplace will give your pool deck patio, kitchen and bar a modern look. Like asphalt, concrete can get hot during the summer, so be sure to use coverings or umbrellas to add shade. Another option is to add a “cool” coating that reduces heat buildup to both your concrete pool deck and patio. Concrete coatings, such as COOL! can be applied to all concrete surfaces around your home: your pool deck, patio, stairs, walls, and more.

Say Goodbye to Hot Concrete

Concrete coatings may not be top of mind when designing your pool deck, but the right pool deck paint can make a world of difference. Our pool deck professionals have used advanced technology to design a DIY pool deck coating that can reduce heat buildup by up to 38% or more.

Encore Coatings’ COOL! Pool Deck Coating

Encore Coatings’ COOL! can be applied over existing concrete coatings or bare concrete, perfect for pool decks, patios, sidewalks, and more. Not only is it cool to the touch, but it can repair small hairline cracks. Its texture is comfortable, yet non-slip (and ADA compliant). The coating can be tinted to any color to match your home’s design. It’s easy to apply – and the best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty! Whether you’re building a new pool this spring or repairing your current pool using a local pool service, make sure a cool concrete pool deck coating is on your to-do list. COOL! Can also be used to resurface exposed aggregate (pebble) decks, stamped concrete, salt finishes, and other existing pool deck toppings!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Deck Designs:

When designing a deck around your pool, make sure there is adequate room for the landscaping, lighting, patios, pergolas, fencing, outdoor kitchen and bars you have imagined. Concrete decks often work better.

Before designing a pool deck, make a list of the items you want included on it. This helps ensure you have enough room for all of your pool deck design ideas. Choose concrete for your inground pool deck surface.

With concrete pool decks, you can paint a design on your deck multiple ways. You may be able to free-hand the design, but the easiest way would be utilizing a stencil of some sort. Tint your Cool pool deck coating to any color for unlimited creativity.

DIY pool deck coatings, such as COOL! Can be found online at Amazon, Home, Lowe’, and

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