Outdoor Wood Deck Coatings for Seattle Homeowners

Seattle is known for being one of the rainiest cities in America, yet the city only takes in about 38 inches of rainfall each year, ranking about 44th in terms of total annual precipitation.  The misconception lies in the fact that Seattle doesn’t receive a higher amount of total rain, but has a greater number of days with precipitation (about 158 days per year).  It might rain in Seattle for hours at a time, but it usually comes in the form of a prolonged light drizzle, rather than an all-out downpour.  With so much moisture constantly lurking in the air, outdoor furnishings like wooden decks and furniture need to be coated in a strong protective material so that colors don’t fade and the wood doesn’t become waterlogged.  For the largest and highest-rated selection of outdoor coatings, the team at Encore has developed some of the most durable products to keep your deck looking fresh all year long.

Advanced Weatherproofing Formula

Moisture and high humidity can cause your deck to undergo huge changes.  As a flexible material, wood can expand or contract depending on the outside temperature, which can cause the deck to gradually bend and become misshapen over time.  Exposure to large amounts of moisture (like prolonged precipitation in Seattle) can cause the inside of wood to become weak and soft, making it susceptible to scratches, chips, and rapid deterioration.

After years of research with experts in materials science, our team has developed the most effective coating to shield your wooden furnishings from the outdoor elements.  With only 2 applications, our Self-Repairing Wood Coating is the first of its kind to provide elite weatherproofing that locks out moisture and actively repairs cracks, holes, and imperfections on the surface of the wood.  Make your deck look fresh and vibrant all year long with the most advanced coating formula for Seattle homeowners and businesses.

Moisture-Activated Self-Healing System

This coating is unlike your traditional deck coating, which might require a new application every other year.  On the other hand, our coating uses a moisture-activated repair system that actually fills in cracks along the wood.  The addition of water molecules actually causes the substrate to slowly expand into imperfections along the interior and exterior of the wood. The moisture-lock system prevents precipitation, dirt, and mold from entering the wood and causing long-term problems.  As the only deck coating that looks better the longer it sits, the self-healing process usually takes about 2 weeks.

For more information about Encore self-healing wood coatings, view our online PDF guide to review the science behind the product.

Other Coating Properties

When you choose an Encore product, you are standing with the most advanced outdoor protection products in the industry.  Our complex wood substrates took years of research and development, but now give thousands of commercial and residential customers the weatherproofing solutions they need.  Our independent weather tests show that Encore’s Self-Healing Wood Coating is up to 5 times more effective than the competing products.  Our products include other great qualities like:

  • Infinicolor™ Matching: Finding a wood coating that is the exact color as your deck is difficult. That is why our products use an advanced color matching system. Just add a gallon of your own acrylic latex paint and find the perfect color for any surface.
  • Elastix™ Protectant: Because of wood’s flexible and organic composition, it can stretch or shrink depending on outside temperature and humidity, eventually causing major structural problems. This protective resin prevents wood contraction and expansion by up to 50%.
  • Economical Application: Coming in at only $0.60 per square foot, this coating is one of the most affordable ways to maximize the life of your deck.
  • Long-Lasting Warranties: We proudly extend a lifetime coating warranty to all residential customers in Seattle and a 10-year warranty to all commercial Seattle customers.

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