RustOx – Houston’s Best Metal Coating 

Houston is an industrial hub of transportation centers, petroleum refineries, metal fabrication, and manufacturing.  As the 4th most populous city in the US, Houston is also one of the largest consumers of metal products in the entire world.  From shipbuilding to airlines, the economic foundation of Houston is built on metal.  But how can businesses make sure that the metal underpinning of Houston doesn’t rust away?  Manufacturers and industries need a way to shield their equipment and their products from the damaging effects of rust.  For the most complete oxidation converter in the industry, trust Knockout – the newest and most advanced rust primer from the leader in industrial protectants.

How The Rust Converter Works

Knockout was developed with a team of industrial engineers to find the most effective way to convert rusted surfaces back to steel.  The unique formula can be applied with a roller or sprayer, dries in just minutes, and stays in place on vertical surfaces without dripping.  The calculated blend of tannic acid and organic polymers convert the oxidized material into a paintable clear acrylic surface.  With only a single coat, this substance leaves metal surfaces looking fresh and restored at an economical price and speedy application.

  • Using fog chambers and salt water immersion tests, independent labs at the Petroleum Institute and ASTM show that Knockout is 10x more effective and longer-lasting on steel surfaces than traditional rust converters.
  • Perfect for marine uses, including bridges, ships, offshore drilling facilities, gas pipelines, and more. Also great for inland commercial uses, including water towers, amusement parks, steel staircases, and more.

Long-Term Rust Protection

After you’ve used a rust converter to get rid of unaesthetic and damaging oxidation from a metal surface, you can provide long-term rust protection with RustOx – the most advanced metal coating in the industry.  Instead of using ineffective coal tar epoxy, RustOx is the perfect substitute for metal protectants, shielding the surface from years of further degradation.  The water-based, polyurethane-acrylic formula dries in just minutes and can fully submerged underwater after just 48 hours.  Why is RustOx great for outdoor metal coating?

  • No priming necessary: RustOx uses a built-in Zinc primer that saves you the time and effort of using several different coating products.
  • Economical application: Coming in at only $0.90 per square foot, RustOx is one of the most affordable ways to shield your metal with a long-lasting protectant.
  • Environmentally friendly: Because all businesses should be ecologically responsible, our rigorous testing has shown that this compound is environmentally.
  • Effective on steel, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces

The Encore Value

When you purchase an industrial coating product from Encore, you can rest assured that you are not only buying the highest-rated oxidation defense on the market, but that you have years of customer care and support with it.  We extend a Lifetime Warranty on RustOx and Knockout for residential uses, and a 10-Year Warranty for commercial uses.  We also offer FREE technical support at any time if you have problems with your new coating products.  Shop online today or call 888-776-2242 for customer support. Guaranteed fast shipping to Houston customers and other Texas businesses.