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LUMEN Paint Additive

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Imagine being able to paint something with a paint that will last virtually forever! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  It’s not!  Homes and buildings painted over 40 years ago with LUMEN technology have not been repainted. They still look great!

LUMEN is simple to use. Simply add this one quart of LUMEN to a gallon of acrylic/latex paint, blend, and apply. LUMEN will not change the color of the paint, but changes everything else about it. LUMEN turns ordinary latex paint into an elastomeric coating that can expand and contract with the siding on your home, which adds years of life to the paint. It also greatly improves color stability, so paint doesn’t fade nearly as fast.

Since the beginning, well over 10 years ago, we’ve sold this product with a “no questions asked” 100% money-back warranty and we haven’t had one claim. Not one. All we get is love mail. People extol the virtues of this product, talking about how easy it is to work with, how good it looks, and most of all, how it’s solved their maintenance problem.

Shown and priced in one quart container.

For reference:  You will see references to POLYMATRx.  The trade name of the product was changed to LUMEN in 2015 as part of a marketing decision to better position the product as one that will keep colors bright and vibrant.



End Paint Maintenance When You Create A Lifetime Paint.

Welcome to the website that the big paint companies didn’t want you to find. Each year, these companies make millions of dollars selling paint to homeowners who are having to repaint. The fact is, there’s a way to create a lifetime paint, but why would paint companies offer it when we’re conditioned to believe that paint only lasts for 5-7 years? The practice is called “planned obsolescence” and you see it everywhere – not just in the paint industry.

Since 1999, we’ve been selling a proprietary blend of resins that super-charge an average gallon of paint. In fact, homes and buildings that were painted over 40 years ago with this formula have not been repainted. That’s amazing, especially when you consider the climate that these structures are in – South Florida.  That additive is called LUMEN.

Today, our customers are property owners across the World who are tired of the 5-7 year repainting ritual. They have ended their paint maintenance by adding the LUMEN additive to their paint.

What can LUMEN be used on?

LUMEN can be used on wood siding, fiber cement board products (made by companies like Hardie, Nichiha,LP, Certainteed, etc.), concrete, brick, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Why Does Paint Fail?

Did you know that the siding on your home actually moves? It does. Siding, regardless of type, will expand and contract during changing weather. It’s difficult to observe, but the effects are obvious and costly. Most home siding is now painted with acrylic (or latex) paint. Acrylic paint has come a long way since its introduction, but like any paint, it has limitations that are by design. Most paints that you see today are filled with cheap fillers that make them brittle over time.

For the first few years of service, acrylic paint is fairly elastic, but as it ages, it loses its elasticity. When this happens, it can no longer move during the expansion & contraction cycles and it begins to crack. Moisture enters through the crack, dwelling between the paint and the siding, causing more expansion & contraction. The paint continues to crack and this cycle continues until the paint is peeling. At this point, the old paint has to be removed and a new coat applied. This is the expensive life cycle of paint. But now you can end the paint maintenance cycle with LUMEN!

End Paint Maintenance Now.

Express a lasting creativity by adding LUMEN to your paint! From home maintenance to artistic endeavors, LUMEN keeps paint flexible and its color vibrant for decades.

Simply add one quart of LUMEN to a gallon of water-based (acrylic/latex) paint, mix, and apply. The result will be a long-lasting elastomeric coating that expands and contracts with your home’s siding for years. Based on our testing, LUMEN can increase the elasticity of paint between 400 & 700%. Since no siding material moves to this extent, LUMEN is never pushed to its “snapping point”. In the years that we’ve been selling this “super-additive”, we’ve never had a warranty claim, a product return, or a single complaint. In fact, customers send us their positive comments and photos of their work. LUMEN has been a pure joy to sell!

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Will LUMEN change the color of my paint?

No. The unique LUMEN blend enhances paint pigments and maintains your color selection.

LUMEN Extends Color Life As Well.

Are you having problems with your paint retaining it’s color? Is your paint fading because of the environment it’s in? If paint fade is your problem, then LUMEN is your solution. LUMEN is a blend of durable acrylic co-polymers. This polymer formulation allows acrylic paint to maintain its color for years. And speaking of color, LUMEN doesn’t affect or change the color of your paint.

How LUMEN Works.

You choose the color of paint that you want. Buy one gallon of interior/exterior acrylic paint in that color. Add one quart of LUMEN to that gallon of paint. Mix and apply.

Does LUMEN make it harder to apply the paint?

No. In fact, paint that has been modified with LUMEN is easier to spray, brush, and roll. Professional painters continually offer positive feedback on the ease of use and performance of LUMEN.

What is the warranty on LUMEN?

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your decision to use LUMEN. We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase. We guarantee this for as long as you own your home.

LUMEN is the closest product you’ll find to a permanent paint option. With LUMEN, you’ll skip your next few paint jobs and save thousands of dollars in doing so.

12 reviews for LUMEN Paint Additive

  1. James Klinger

    We purchased our Victorian house in 1979 knowing that maintaining this 140 year ” Painted Lady” would be an ongoing process. In the past 30 years painting her has become a labor of love and I have tried many oil and water based paints. As the chemistry of latex paint improved over the years I was always on the search for the best, the brightest, and most durable paint. In 2006 I found Polymatrx and I was absolutely blown away with the results. I used Polymatrx with a variety of different quality paints and the results were all the same. Outstanding! As a former teacher, I give Polymatrx an ” A+”. I used Polymatrx with 7 different colors from 7 different brands of paint. I painted the aluminum awnings, wooden shutters, siding clapboards, steel cellar door, the gingerbread trim, and even painted my lawn furniture. The results look the same today as it did the day I painted. Despite the variety of weather we have in PA, there is no peeling or cracking, the colors are still bright and fresh looking, and our house glistens. How durable is the Polymatrx? A week after I painted I realized I forgot to clean my paint mixer that I use with my Dewalt cordless drill. Getting the paint off my mixer was like pulling the thick white durable coating off outdoor wiring. My friend and I couldn’t believe it. We needed a utility knife to remove it and that was a chore. I think the only time I will need to paint again is if we decide change some colors.

  2. F. Benning

    I love this product. As a residential painter, I want to give my customer the best product I can find. This product lets me use the customer’s color choice, regardless of the brand. Some paint brands are better than others, but POLYMATRx levels the playing field. I’ve been amazed to see the homes I painted years ago – they are hanging in there. Still look great. I highly recommend this product!

  3. H.Reidenour

    We’ve been buying POLYMATRx for over seven years, doing one paint job at a time on our old home. The oldest paint job looks like the recent and our home is now 100% complete. The house looks amazing. This is a great product and we recommend it to others in the neighborhood.

  4. Bill Ademeyer