From transportation hubs to global centers of industry and trade, the streets of Chicago are some of the busiest in America.  The fast-paced hustle of Chicago industry means that businesses need to keep ahead by taking preventative steps to prolong the life of their equipment, property, and metal products.  From steel to aluminum, metal is the one of the most important products for the Chicago economy; so keeping it rust-free should always be a priority.  For the most effective, affordable, and longest lasting oxidation protection on the market, trust the metal coating products from Encore.

Top-Rated Rust Converters

Almost every rust converter is made of the same industrial formula that is rich in tannic acid and organic polymers.  The real difference lies in the efficacy of the product, which can only be tested independently by ASTM and Petroleum Institute labs.  Years of industrial testing and research have shown that Knockout is up to 10x more effective than traditional rust converters.  Why?

  • Rapid rust removal: Oxidation may take years to develop, but can be wiped out in only a few minutes. Knockout works fast and leaves the rusted material looking as good as new in only a few minutes.
  • Easy application process: Coat the oxidized metal with a sprayer, brush, or roller. Don’t worry about applying it to overhead or vertical surfaces, because the substance’s strong no-drip formula means that it will stay in place without the hassle.
  • Proven results: The water-based primer/converter is the perfect rust coating for marine uses like ships, bridges, docks, and gas pipelines. It’s also easy to use on inland surfaces like steel staircases, water towers, and more.

The Most Versatile Metal Coating

After you’ve gotten rid of the oxidation on a metal surface, the best way to ensure years of non-rust operation is by applying a high-quality metal protectant like RustOx.  This metal coating is recommended for steel, aluminum, and other galvanized iron, leaving the surface with a long-term chemical safeguard against further degradation.  The water-based formula consists of a polyurethane-acrylic base that shields the metal from rust, cracking, and discoloration.  Especially for metal equipment that is submerged in water, RustOx provides years of hassle-free protection against the elements. More about this product:

  • Environmentally safe: The formula is 100% non-toxic after drying, making it friendly to use in water sources and around plants and animals.
  • Built-in primer: Do not worry about wasting time priming the metal first. RustOx has a built-in zinc primer that gives the material the protection it needs, while saving you time and effort.
  • Fast-acting formula: The material is applied easily with any roller or sprayer, dries in just minutes, and is ready for full submersion after 48 hours.
  • Economical application: At only $0.90 per square foot, RustOx gives your metal equipment years of rust protection at an affordable rate.

The Encore Value

When our Chicago customers choose any of Encore’s metal coating products, they are surely standing with one of the most trusted names in industrial coatings and protectants.  We proudly offer a Lifetime Warranty for all residential uses, and a 10-Year Warranty for all commercial uses. Read our customer reviews and see why Encore products are different! Shop our online store today or call 888-776-2242 for more information.