Built to Last: How Our High Performance Pool Deck Coatings Withstand the Harshest Conditions

At Encore Coatings, we understand that our customers demand high-performance products that can withstand even the harshest conditions. That’s why our team has dedicated itself to developing innovative pool deck paint and concrete deck coating systems that combine durability with exceptional aesthetics. In this blog, we will cover how our products help professionals deliver the […]

Ultimate Guide To How to Apply Our Pool Deck Coating – A Step-by-Step Guide

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At Encore Coatings, we’re dedicated to providing top-quality DIY pool deck coatings that enhance both the aesthetic appeal and durability of your outdoor spaces. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of applying our pool deck coating, ensuring that you achieve professional-quality results while saving time and money. Whether you’re […]

Get The Best Value with the #1 Choice in Remodeling Walking Surfaces

Why should you remodel your pool surface? A swimming pool is a permanent fixture in your home or business premises. For this reason, it needs to be properly maintained and cared for to preserve your property’s value. That’s not all. The pool surface and the deck must also be in top shape to ensure safety. […]

The Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Products

The Best Pool Deck Resurfacing Options The new pool construction industry has never been hotter, but with millions of pools nearing 15 years old or more, existing pool owners are taking it upon themselves to spruce up the surrounding environment by using cost effective remodeling solutions. DIY pool deck resurfacing has quickly become the most […]

Ideas to Prepare Your Pool Deck for Summer

4 Concrete Pool Deck Ideas to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Everyone is getting excited about the summer, and now is the perfect time to start getting ready. But if you own a pool, you may have noticed that your concrete pool deck is in need of a refresh. Studies show that out of […]

A Functional, Purpose-Designed, DIY, & Totally DIFFERENT Pool Deck Coating

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A Functional, Purpose-Designed, DIY, & Totally DIFFERENT Pool Deck Coating However, there are in fact some industries where the category dynamic has not significantly progressed in decades. These antiquated markets are locked in time begging for a breath of fresh air, the category is tired and stale. The overall offering hasn’t really changed, the products […]

The Best Pool Deck Paint

To get the most out of your outdoor pool, you need concrete paint that’s (1) heat resistant, (2) easy to apply, (3) non-slip, and (4) free of any cracks or peels. But how do you get started? Applying a pool deck coating comes with lots of questions, like: How do you paint a pool deck? […]

The Ultimate Guide on Pool Deck Coatings

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on Pool Deck Coatings! Here at Encore Coatings, we know how many pool deck options can be considered for a remodeling project or a newly built pool. You’ve probably come across everything from flagstone to pavers, stamped concrete to exposed pebble finishes, and of course, specialty coatings. We hope this […]

Coolest Pool Deck Coating

The Coolest Thing in Pool Deck Coatings is Here! Each year, thousands of pool owners struggle with finding the right product for their pool deck. Choosing the wrong product could result in a hot, slippery surface that doesn’t last, and thousands of dollars spent on something that disappoints! Any pool deck coating needs to “check” […]

Getting Your Boat Ready For Summer

Is Your Boat Ready For Summer? A great way to cool off in the summer is to go to the lake or take a beach vacation. All boat owners are aware of the countless benefits of having a boat. However, you can’t have fun without a little hard work. Performing regular boat maintenance and checking […]