Commercial & Residential Protective Deck Coatings

Winters in Boston, Massachusetts can be particularly rough with below freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow.  This means that weatherproofing your outdoor furniture and wood deck can be a difficult task.  Now, businesses and homeowners can shield their wooden fixtures from moisture damage with a single application of heavy-duty wood resurfacer.  Protective coatings & deck paints from Encore give you a quick and easy-to-use solution to protecting your outdoor furnishings with the most advanced moisture lock system.

Elite Weatherproofing Formula

A frequent cause of broken and cracked wood is moisture intrusion.  Especially during cold Boston winters, tiny amounts of moisture can penetrate tiny cracks in the surface of wooden decks.  When temperatures dip below freezing, this water turns to ice and expands inside the wood, causing cracks to become larger and the wood to become weaker.  After only a handful of winter seasons, your once beautiful and expensive deck is now faded in color and rugged in appearance.  Before the first snow hits, outdoor craftsmen recommend that homeowners resurface their decks with a strong, penetrative coating that will shield the wood from the elements.

With Encore’s Self-Repairing Wood Coating, you can accomplish just that.  The advanced weatherproofing compounds packed inside of this material form a protective barrier on the exterior surface of the wood, locking out moisture and filling in existing cracks.  After only two applications of this coating, you will notice that your wood deck looks like new after another long winter.

Moisture-Activated Self-Healing Technology

This product is the first in the industry to offer an intelligent moisture-activated healing system, meaning that wood actually repairs itself the longer it sits (even weeks after application).  When the coating comes in contact with rainfall, it activates Encore’s self-healing system, which uses the mater molecules to expand the coating and cover up imperfections in the wood.  This is the only wood deck coating that actually looks better the longer it sits!

For more information about the complex chemistry behind this product, check out the informative PDF guide here.

Other Coating Properties

The Encore Self-Repairing Wood Coating is the perfect option not only for homeowners, but for Boston businesses as well.  From restaurant patios to wooden porches, improving your outdoor furnishings is an investment in your property and a commitment to the curb appeal of your building.  Our state-of-the-art coating products come with a variety of additional qualities that make it the perfect choice for you:

  • Infinicolor™ Options: Match the color of your deck or outdoor components with our color-matching system. Add 1-gallon of acrylic latex paint and you can match the Encore coating to any color!
  • Elastix™ Protectant: Because wood is an organic and flexible material, it actually contracts (or shrinks) in cold weather and expands in high humidity or warm weather. With built-in Elastix™ resin, the coating will prevent the wood from expansion and contraction by up to 50%.
  • Long-Lasting Warranty: For all residential uses, Encore Self-Healing Coating comes with a lifetime warranty. For commercial customers, this product comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

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