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Cool Pool Concrete Coatings | Wood Deck Paints | Steel Coatings

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Best Concrete Sealant

Cool Pool Deck Coating. Repair Your Pool Deck and Keep Concrete Cool!

Looking for a concrete coating that stays cool on those hot summer days? That’s what Cool™ is all about. In fact, it's patent-pending.  When issued, it will be the first patent on a pool deck coating since 1962!  Cool™ has been proven to stay up to 38% cooler than concrete alone. Cool works because it uses the natural laws of science to draw the heat through the concrete slab and dissipate it into the ground below. Need a specific color? That's easy.  Mix a gallon of acrylic paint (your color choice) into the Cool™ kit, mix, and apply. Overcoat with two coats of SealBack, Encore's clear sealer. It’s that easy.  Lifetime residential warranty.  10 year commercial warranty.

Deck Paint / Sealer

The Best Wood Deck Coating Just Got Better!

Imagine a wood deck coating that would get better with each rainfall instead of worse.  Now there is one.

Encore's new formula is fortified with new resins and nano-chemistries that work together to heal small holes and cracks that can be left behind from installation.  This revolutionary capability is triggered by the presence of water - the very thing that kills other wood deck coatings.  A full healing is generally seen within 14 days.  Afterwards, the chemistry lies dormant and ready to kick into action with the next rainfall.

Encore is easy to apply.  Homeowners can find everything they need on this site to professionally install Encore on their wood deck or concrete patio.  From cleaners to primers, to sealers that self-clean in the rain, we have what you need.  Visit the Encore product page now.

Your Encore purchase is backed by the best warranty in the business.  Lifetime residential warranty and 10 year commercial warranty.

Long Lasting Porch Paint

Pretreat – Adhesive Penetrant For Wood

What makes Encore the best wood deck resurfacer on the market?  It's all in the system!  Insure the success of your Encore deck project with Pretreat, an adhesive primer that is designed specifically for Encore! Pretreat penetrates deep into old, dry decking, priming it and  creating a sub-surface bond for the Encore coating. This process creates unbelievable adhesive properties to help insure a lasting job. In most cases, Pretreat also extends the coverage of an Encore kit, helping to offset its cost!

Fade Resistant Outdoor Paint

POLYMATRx Paint Additive Creates a Lifetime Paint.

Tired of painting? End the paint maintenance cycle by making POLYMATRx part of your painting project. Add one quart of POLYMATRx to a gallon of paint and paint. It’s that simple. POLYMATRx turns paint into an elastomeric coating so it can expand and contract with exterior siding. Homes and buildings painted 30 years ago with this product have not been repainted. POLYMATRx does not change the color of the paint, but could add a slight sheen to some paints.  POLYMATRx has been  used to paint historical properties across America because it significantly extends the paint cycle and lowers the service life cost.  Year after year, POLYMATRx keeps the property looking great.

Wood Paint

21POLYPLUS - Environmental Coating for Submerged Wood Piles.

21POLYPLUS protects the environment from the leaching effects of wooden marine piling in submerged marine environments. 21POLYPLUS is proven to stop 99.99% of all CCA leachate. 21POLYPLUS also protects the marine pilings themselves from the ravaging effects of the saltwater environment and attack by marine borers. Add 1/2 gallon of exterior latex paint to this kit to achieve the intended color. Mix and apply.

Concrete Paint / Sealer

RustOx - A Direct-to-Rust (DTR) Paint.

Stop rust easy with RustOx.  RustOx is a revolutionary water-based coating that suffocates rust and stops ugly rust bleed-through! Available in any color imaginable. Simply add one quart of acrylic paint for color, mix, and apply! RustOx can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. RustOx is great for industrial and marine applications, but is easy enough to use in an infinite number of  home and farm applications.  RustOx has outperformed the industry standards in salt-fog chamber and salt-water submersion testing.  Please see Encore's Online Document Center for more details.

Durable Concrete Sealer

TripleCrown Concrete Cleaner

An easy-to-use concrete cleaner:

Eliminate pressure washing. TripleCrown is a water-based cleaner that cleans concrete and leaves it with a slight etch in one simple step. Simply apply with a hand-pump sprayer, allow to work for 3-4 hours, and rinse.  It’s that simple.  Your concrete will look virtually brand new. Allow longer time for stubborn stains.  Rinse with pressure, using an abundance of water if around vegetation. Use TripleCrown on sidewalks, driveways, garage and shop floors, and pool decks.  TripleCrown can be allowed to dry prior to rinsing.

TripleCrown is salt-based.  Please use an abundance of water for rinsing if around lawns or plants.

Porch Paint Sealer

SealBack.  A Self-Cleaning, Nano-Particle Sealer.

Seal pressure treated wood, concrete, masonry, pavers, and virtually any surface with SealBack!

SealBack is a one-of-a-kind nano-based sealer that penetrates deep into the surface, providing years of trouble-free service.  SealBack is also self-cleaning.  Where other sealers accumulate dirt and grime over time, SealBack's nano-chemistry repels dirt and keeps the surface clean. Imagine - you can now create a smart surface out of virtually any surface!

Excellent UV resistance.  Easy to apply.  Dries fast and minimizes down time.

SealBack can also be used to seal composite decking, helping to bring back its original lustre and protect it from mold and mildew.

Add two ounces of stain tint to one gallon of SealBack and now you have a tinted sealer.

Tinted SealBack can be used to:

  • stain and seal wood decking, including IPE and other Brazilian hardwoods
  • stain and seal concrete
  • stain and seal bead board ceiling
  • stain and seal masonry
  • stain and seal cedar shake roofing and siding
  • stain and seal wood doors

Other uses for SealBack without tint:

  • apply over vinyl siding or plastic furniture to bring back lustre and restore finish
  • apply over metal roofs and metal siding to bring back lustre and restore finish
  • apply over Encore Deck Coating to help keep it clean
  • apply over Cool Pool Deck Coating to protect and keep clean

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