SealBack Composite Deck Protectant

SealBack is revolutionary, one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry that inhibits mold growth and rejuvenates old composite decks, restoring them to their original color and luster.  No more mold. No more grey.  Best of all, it only costs a few cents per square foot to apply!

In minutes, years of aging are reversed and your composite deck is restored to like-new condition. SealBack is a revolutionary micro-polymer protectant designed for use on aging composite decks.

Here’s how it works: SealBack is a low VOC (environmentally-friendly), water-based chemistry that you apply with a common hand-pump sprayer.  The wood fiber on the surface of the composite deck will absorb SealBack on contact.  When it dries, the synthetic micro-particles are left behind – within the wood fiber.  Essentially, SealBack “plasticizes” the fiber.  Like every living organism, mold colonizes near available food sources.  Take away the food source and the organisms leave.

But SealBack doesn’t stop there. SealBack is a blend of various polymers and one of those polymers helps revive the composite material to its original color. Now, your old greyed-out composite deck can look new again!

Typical coverage: 175-200 square feet per gallon (2 coats required).

Application: SealBack is applied with a brush, roller, or hand-pump sprayer. Surfaces must be clean and free from mold discoloration and dirt.

How long will SealBack last?

SealBack may need to be applied annually in high-use residential settings.  In commercial applications where there could be high levels of foot-traffic, SealBack may require periodic re-applications.  This program can be easily implemented into existing maintenance schedules.

After years of dealing with our molded composite deck, we found your product SealBack.  It has made all the difference in the World!  Our deck looks new again and the mold has not come back.    P. Price

Unbelievable is the only word I can find to describe what SealBack just did to my old (composite) deck. It’s like your ad said, now I remember why I bought it in the first place!  Thanks.   J. Jurgensen

Preventing mold on composite decking has never been easier.  SealBack beautifies your outdoor living space by restoring composite decking to near-original condition.