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Re-Finish Your Pool Deck

Everything you need for your pool deck project – in a simple bundle!
Resurface – Repair – and Keeps Your Deck Cool.

Re-Finish Your
Pool Deck

Everything you need
for your pool deck project
– in a simple bundle!

Resurface – Repair – and
Keeps Your Deck Cool.

Step 1: Clean

Clean and etch Your Concrete in One Simple Step.

Triple Crown
Purchase Separately

Step 2: Coat

Coat existing pool deck surfaces as well as bare concrete.

Cool Pool Deck Coating
Purchase Separately

Step 3: Seal

Seal and Protect your Pool Deck from the Sun.

Seal and Protect your pool deck
Purchase Separately
Re-finish Your Pool Deck
Purchase as Bundle
Purchase as Bundle

$299.00 + Taxes

We’ve taken the guesswork out of your deck project.

The job of estimating the material requirements for your pool has been simplified. We’ve bundled everything that you’ll need for a 200 square foot pool deck into a simple bundle. All you’ll need to do is purchase a gallon of paint (1 gallon for each bundle) in your color choice (semi-gloss acrylic or latex paint).

Have 600 square feet? Buy three bundles. Best of all, you save when you buy Cool in a bundle(s)!

What comes in a bundle?

1 Cool Pool Deck 5-gallon Kit

1 Gallon of TripleCrown
(concrete prep treatment),

1/2 Gallon of SealBack
(a self-cleaning, nanoparticle sealer).

Up to 200 square feet
(2 coats).

Actual coverage is
dependent on the
condition of the deck

color chart


You can tint COOL to ANY color by adding a gallon of acrylic paint to the kit!

A mid-grade, mid-priced acrylic paint in either a satin or semi-gloss sheen is all you need. Do not use paint that contains a primer.

Have a hot pool deck?

Make the Same Choice as Thousands of Other Pool Owners.

Thousands of pool owners agree: Cool is today’s way to cool pool deck surfaces. Cool resurfaces existing deck toppings like Kool-Deck* as well as bare concrete.

Other Features

Easy to Apply!
Most sanitary pool deck coating on the market!
Cost-effective, affordable!
Guaranteed for as long as you own your home! 10-year commercial warranty

Yes! Cool can be applied over existing KoolDeck Surfaces!

Are you wanting to overcoat an existing pool deck coating? If so, Cool is your answer. With a proper cleaning, Cool can be applied over existing deck coatings, saving you thousands of dollars in “rip & replace” costs.


Unlike other coatings that attempt to reflect heat up and away from the pool deck (which is a bad idea when you and your family are on it), Cool uses a natural Law of Science to pull the heat into the soil below the pool deck where it then dissipates. This technology not only keeps your feet comfy and cool, it keeps the entire environment cooler!

Purchase as Bundle

$279.00 + Taxes

Cool before
after Cool!
5 out of 5 Star Review!

“This is a remarkable product we applied it to our cool deck that was so hot in the Las Vegas summer weather and when it dried we could walk barefooted on the the cement cool deck at 110 degrees.”
“… I’m extremely pleased with the product.”
– Verified Purchase Customer

5 out of 5 Star Review!

“From the time we began rolling Cool onto our pool deck, we knew it was the answer to hot concrete! After the first coat was dry, we walked on it in bare feet and the difference was astounding. The second coat was even better. We are thrilled with our decision and our grandkids don’t have to run across the deck anymore!”
– Verified Purchase Customer

5 out of 5 Star Review!

“I researched many options and chose this product because of its ease of installation, color options, and warranty. It works as advertised. For the money, you can’t beat the results. Very pleased.”
– Verified Purchase Customer