TripleCrown – Instant & Easy Concrete, Brick, & Paver Cleaner.

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TripleCrown – Instant & Easy Concrete, Brick, & Paver Cleaner.

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TripleCrown is a water-based cleaner that cleans and etches concrete in one simple step.  Apply with low-pressure, hand pump sprayer and allow to work on the surface for 2-4 hours.  Allow longer time for stubborn stains.  Rinse with pressure, using an abundance of water if around vegetation.  One gallon container.  Treats approx. 230-250 square feet.



The Best Concrete Cleaner Available.


Cleaning concrete has never been easier – or better for your concrete and other masonry surfaces. TripleCrown is a one-step product that cleans concrete, pavers, and brick.  It’s an excellent choice for cleaning tabby because pressure washing is not required.  TripleCrown is not a harsh acid. It’s an environmentally-friendly, salt-based cleaner that deep cleans the surface. TripleCrown will remove clay stains, rust stains, and decades of dirt, oil, and grime.

Simply apply with a hand-pump sprayer, allow to work for  2-4 hours, and power rinse with water. It’s that simple. Your concrete will look like you spent hours behind a pressure washer.

Not simple enough?

Leave it and let the rain wash it away.  Yes.  Rain literally washes the dirt and grime away – we promise.  The results will amaze!

Use TripleCrown on sidewalks, driveways, garage and shop floors, pool decks, pavers, limestone, and other stone and masonry surfaces.

 WARNING:  This product will etch glass and aluminum and will remove the glaze from tile.  Use accordingly.

Other uses:

TripleCrown can be used to clean masonry buildings, stone walls and fences.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 12 in

6 reviews for TripleCrown – Instant & Easy Concrete, Brick, & Paver Cleaner.

  1. S. Worthington

    This is a fantastic product. Our old, dirty concrete looks brand new! Cleaning concrete will never be the same chore again. Thanks for a great product!

  2. Billy Abraham

    I was astounded when I used this product!! Decades of old dirt, oil, and grime rinsed off with a water hose. It would have taken hours to do the same job with a pressure washer. Highly recommend

  3. Chris K.

    I read that this product was salt-based. I don’t know, but it works like a charm. I sprayed it on, went shopping, came back and rinsed it off with a hose. Unbelievable!

  4. Israel G.

    I bought this product to clean my old patio that hasn’t been cleaned in over 20 years. It’s location prevented me from getting a pressure washer to it so I had to look for an option. I sprayed Triplecrown on the concrete and then was called away. I forgot about the job. Three days later, a thunderstorm came through and washed the deck completely clean! I was completely stunned when I looked out at what looked like brand new concrete. If your situation sounds like mine, buy this product. You will be very pleased!

  5. Tyler J.

    It’s hard to describe what this product does in one word, so I’ll use two. HOLY COW.

    I bought this product based on the reviews. I could not believe my eyes! My concrete looks perfect. I think the best thing about it is the time savings. No doubt, I hated the thought of standing behind the pressure washer for hours washing my carport and driveway. The second thing is the lack of streaks caused by the pressure washer. Triplecrown resulted in a uniform clean. Highly recommend.

  6. Brandon

    I used this cleaner on an entry way to a movie theater that has a lot of traffic. It was far and away better than any other cleaner I tried. The manager noticed a huge difference in the cleaning power of Triple Crown. I sprayed it on the dirtiest areas and let it sit for over an hour, then used a pressure washer to finish the job.

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