Pool Deck FAQs

Welcome to the COOL! Pool Deck Coating FAQ Page! Please Watch Our Videos as they address many FAQ’s and go into detail as to how you can have the best application possible.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that Cool™ doesn’t rely on a textured profile to stay cool. Instead, Cool™ relies on its unique formulation. Most pool deck coatings fall into a category called “profile” coatings. Profile coatings rely on their profile of crevices and cavities to reduce the surface area that your feet come into contact with. Not only do profile coatings get hot, they chip, they require lots of maintenance, and they’re very hard to keep clean.

Cool™ is a polar opposite of these coatings – and that’s why pool owners love Cool™.

Yes. Cool’s state-of-the-art technology makes an excellent overlayment for knock-down finishes. Knock-down finishes often lose their ability to cool after they’ve been resurfaced, making them a “one-generation” solution in terms of heat abatement. Cool™ is the only known overlayment for knock-down finishes that continues to keep the surface cool, changing knock-down finishes from a one-generation to a multi-generational solution.

Remove any loose material from the knock-down and clean it thoroughly using a pressure washer. Allow it to dry. If any rust is coming through the knock-down, use an aerosol-based rust inhibitor to treat the rust.

Cool™ can repair cracks up to 1/8th inch wide in concrete. However, if you have broken, severely cracked, or spalling concrete, we recommend that you hire a professional concrete mason to make whatever repairs are necessary prior to applying Cool™. Never apply a coating to an ill-properly prepared surface. Never apply a coating over sealed concrete. Test for water repellency by pouring small amount of water in various areas of the deck. If the water beads, then there is a water-repellency feature in the concrete and it has to be removed using an acid etch. If the water is absorbed by the concrete, then you are good to go.

When your concrete is ready for Cool™, we recommend that you use TripleCrown, our organic and eco-friendly concrete etcher and cleaner.  Alternatively, you may want to use a light acid wash.  If you choose to go the acid route, be sure to neutralize, TSP, and pressure wash thoroughly to clean.  As a final step, make sure that any rust that may be on the surface is neutralized with an aerosol-based rust inhibitor.   It’s best to allow at least 48 hours for your concrete to dry before applying Cool™.

Cool™ is unique because there is an infinite number of choices available. You simply pick the color you want and purchase one gallon of exterior semi-gloss 100% acrylic paint for each kit of Cool™ that you buy (Note: do not use paint that contains primer). The right color is obviously the color that you like, but keep in mind that darker colors WILL absorb more heat than lighter colors. If heat abatement is your top goal, we suggest that you pick a light-to-mid pastel. Otherwise, let your imagination rule!

Each Cool™ kit comes with one gallon of wet resin and a bag of dry organics. Mix using these three steps:

After emptying the kit contents, add the wet resin back to the 5-gallon pail; Add the gallon of exterior semi-gloss 100% acrylic paint to the pail and mix; and, Gradually add the dry organics and mix completely.

On average, one kit of Cool™ will complete (2 coats) between 190-210 square feet.

You will need:

  • masking tape
  • paint roller
  • paint extension handle
  • 4″ brush
  • 3/8″ nap roller cover(s)

You will need:

After masking off everything that you don’t want to accidentally coat, use the 4″ brush to apply a heavy cut-in coat. We suggest that this be a heavy coat in order to avoid having to do a second cut-in coat. Feather the leading edge of the cut-in coat in order to avoid lap marks. Allow the cut-in coat to dry.

Next, in a “ribbon” or “S”-type pattern, pour a narrow strip of Cool™ approximately 5′ long and set bucket down. Using the 3/8″ nap roller, spread the coating evenly across the working area. Using this technique, continue applying Cool™. Allow the first coat of Cool™ to dry.

Once the first coat is dry, a second coat should be applied. The second coat is approximately 80% as heavy as the first coat.

Using a variety of methods not discussed here, some Cool™ customers at this point will add decorative accents to the coating. As an important final step, we recommend that you roll two coats of SealBack, Encore’s clear acrylic sealer over the entire job and allow it to dry.  SealBack will bring out the depth and color of the coating and help keep the surface easy to maintain.  SealBack is a nano-based sealer and provides an additional layer of protection against the weather for years to come.

COOL! Can save you money in several ways. If you’re considering a traditional “cool deck”, these applications can only be installed by skilled applicators, which means you’ll be paying for their experience and know-how. In fact, the product most people know as “cool deck” is actually spelled as Kool Deck, and was first brought to market by the company Mortex in the 1960’s. Kool Deck offers a “knock down” texture and is very labor intensive to apply. Because of this, you can expect to pay a premium for it’s installation. COOL! , by Encore Coatings is an easy to use, roll-on coating that also reduces the heat build-up around pools. Whether you’re applying it yourself or hiring a contractor, the ease of use of COOL! Will reduce installation costs.

COOL! Is unique in the way that you can tint it to any color you’d like. Of course, if concrete heat reduction is a priority, we recommend you stay within the light pastel and light earth tones (no chocolate browns or dark grays). Each bucket of COOL! Requires one gallon of exterior acrylic or latex paint, see our recommended paint chart on the COOL! Product page, as there are paints you need to avoid. DO NOT add any specialized “pool deck paint”, “concrete paint”, “patio paint”, or “paint for pool decks” and/or coatings to the COOL bucket.

Yes! In fact, pool owners with old Kool Deck face challenges when it comes to finding logical solutions for making their pool deck look good again. This is because typical pool deck paint and other paint for concrete floors can result in a hot and slippery surface afterwards. Painting an old cool deck might make the pool deck look nice again, but it doesn’t make much sense in the long run. COOL! Is a perfect option for pool deck resurfacing, especially if you have an old “cool deck”, since COOL! Will not result in a hot or slippery surface. It’s also much more durable than ordinary pool deck paint products you may find on the shelf. COOL! Has a non-slip texture that looks and feels great, and it won’t eliminate or “fill” in your existing cool deck knock-down texture, it will only accentuate, resurface, and protect it.

Surface preparation is a critical step before any pool deck paint, coating, stain, sealer, etc. Encore Coatings has made surface prep easy with Triple Crown, a very effective surface cleaner. You should use Triple Crown for both bare concrete and existing pool deck toppings & painted surfaces. Simply spray it on, allow to dry, then pressure wash away thoroughly. Triple Crown will hurt vegetation, glass, tile, and aluminum. Triple Crown does not act as a sealer or paint stripper. Therefore, if you have a sealed surface, you’ll need to address that before using Triple Crown with a true chemical “stripper”. See our videos for more preparation concerns, including bad concrete with excess mineral migration!

The weather conditions can play a big role in the success of your application. First, never let the product freeze. COOL! Should be applied in between 50-85 degrees. During the summertime, the first and second coat of COOL! May need to be split into two days to avoid temperatures becoming too hot. Apply first coat the in the late evening or early morning to avoid direct sunlight and high surface temperatures. Do not allow the sunlight to heat up the concrete too much before applying. It is ideal to apply the coating to concrete as the temperatures are dropping, rather than rising. Applying during temperatures too hot can result in hard-to-manage product, bubbling, and loss of bond. Rain should not be expected for more than 24 hours after application. Our sealer will “blush” if rain is had too soon.

We recommend 48 hours of good weather before using the deck. This allows the products to cure before being provoked.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning with MiracleMist All Purpose Cleaner, available at www.encorecoatings.com . This should be cut 1:1 with water and applied via pump sprayer. Do not allow to dry on surface. Water powered scrub brushes are convenient to have around also. COOL! Can be lightly pressure washed also. Re-apply clear sealer every 1-3 years depending on conditions, UV exposure and foot traffic.

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