Coolest Pool Deck Coating

The Coolest Thing in Pool Deck Coatings is Here!

Each year, thousands of pool owners struggle with finding the right product for their pool deck. Choosing the wrong product could result in a hot, slippery surface that doesn’t last, and thousands of dollars spent on something that disappoints! Any pool deck coating needs to “check” a lot of boxes, including:

  • COOL surface temps
  • Safe, non-slip
  • Durable
  • Chemical Resistant

Ordinary Paints and Stains get HOT in the summer sun, so it’s important to choose your pool deck coating products wisely! Encore Coatings’ COOL! Pool Deck System has everything you need to keep your pool deck looking great and lasting you for many summers to come.


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We recently traveled all the way to Tennessee to talk with Chris and see how our product changed his life for the better. Watch this video to see what he had to say about COOL!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Your Pool Deck Cool!

Now that you’ve seen for yourself what COOL! can do for you, it’s time to get started on improving your pool deck! Our COOL! Pool Deck System is made up of a bundle of our highly-rated pool deck products and has everything you need to complete this guide. For the typical residential pool, the COOL! Pool Deck System can be applied over the course of a weekend by following these three steps:

1. Clean & Prep

Preparation is critical with any pool deck paint or coating project. Encore Coatings recommends using Triple Crown, an extremely effective cleaner that prepares the surface for COOL! Apply Triple Crown with a pump garden sprayer to your pool deck, allow it to dry completely, then pressure wash the Triple Crown away. It’s recommended for users to apply COOL! the next morning before temperatures get too hot. (For best results and ease of use, apply COOL! as early in the morning as possible!)

2. Coat COOL! is packaged in a 5 gallon bucket which requires a gallon of exterior acrylic paint for tint and activation. Therefore you can choose any color you desire at your local paint store by purchasing one gallon of paint for each unit of COOL! Two good coats of COOL! should be applied using a ¾” nap roller, with at least 1-2 hours in between coats. Here is a simple video guide on how to properly apply Cool! to your pool deck:

3. Seal

Lastly, apply Sealback using a pump sprayer and ½” nap roller. One coat is okay in most cases (Note: Make sure that your final coat of COOL! has cured at least 1-2 hours before the initial application of Sealback). Sealback can also be applied in the following days if needed. The COOL! Pool Deck System is best obtained by taking advantage of Encore Coatings’ “bundle” of deals which include enough Triple Crown, COOL!, and Sealback for roughly 200 sq. feet of pool deck area. (1,000 sq feet would require 5 bundles). When it comes to your pool, you want high quality products that will keep your pool deck cool, safe, and durable for many summers to come. Encore Coatings’ uniquely crafted COOL! Pool Deck System will help you transform your pool area into an eye-catching social spot for all of your family and friends to enjoy!

Finally, put an end to HOT concrete!

If you’re still having doubts about making the switch to COOL!, here is a great informative video of EVERYTHING you need to know before you begin your project!

Frequently Asked Questions about our COOL! Products

COOL! Can easily resurface old, tired toppings with proper preparation after inspecting the existing topping for structural integrity. COOL! Is the only product that can do this without resulting in a hot walking surface!

COOL! Can be tinted to any color by adding one gallon of exterior latex or acrylic paint to the bucket, thoroughly mixing into the given ingredients (power drill with mixing attachment). If heat reduction is a priority, please choose color accordingly – Encore Coatings recommends light pastel colors for maximum heat reduction.

Did you know? COOL! is even great for resurfacing pre-existing “knockdown” textured toppings. Call us for more info!