Before Applying Encore

Encore’s New Self-Healing Technology. An Amazing New Development.

Why Wood Coatings Often Fail

When applying a wood coating, it’s critical that all checks and splits on the wood surface are complete filled, resulting in a coating that is completely free of  voids or openings called “holidays”.

Holidays allow water to migrate through the coating, where it dwells between the coating and the wood, saturating the wood.

Over time, wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles lift the coating away from the wood and results in peeling.  This can happen in one or two short years.

This is a common sight after water penetrates beneath a deck stain or coating.


After Applying Encore

Get Ready for ICs.

Encore’s new technology places it in a new genre of coatings, called Intelligent Coatings (ICs).  ICs have the capability to heal themselves and rely on certain environmental triggers to activate the self-healing process.  For example, some ICs use UV light to activate the self-healing process, while others are triggered by changes in pH. Encore’s self-healing technology is triggered by water – the very thing that initiates failure in a wood deck coating.

While it’s still very important to thoroughly properly prepare your deck and apply Encore according to written instructions, this new technology helps insure that your investment in a deck resurfacing product is one that pays dividends for years to come.

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