A Self-Cleaning Sealer That Amazes.

When SealBack was released about two years ago, we weren’t sure exactly where it would shake into the lineup of sealers that are on the market.  All we knew is that we’d done our best to create a new, state-of-the-art sealer that incorporated the best of what we knew about technology.  SealBack was designed to be an all-in-one sealer, meaning that it could be used on multiple types of surfaces (pressure treated wood decks, hardwood decks, pavers, concrete, masonry, etc.).  The product does an exceptional job on these surfaces while consolidating the shelf space at the retail level.

So why the picture of the house?  Well, the product has been so versatile that it’s now being used as a “base” for all types of applications.  In the case of this home, SealBack was tinted with four ounces of stain tint and then applied to the cedar shake siding on the home.  A “one-shot” stain & sealer.

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We visited this home to see it for ourselves.  It’s located in Reynolds Plantation on Lake Oconee in Georgia.   It is absolutely beautiful and we have to say “the genie is now out of the bottle”.  This amazing product crosses all boundaries and allows the creative user to explore new possibilities.  For example, one contractor added a small amount of white primer to a gallon of SealBack and sprayed it onto a beaded board ceiling to create a long-lasting whitewash effect in a lake house.

Besides its versatility, perhaps the best attribute of SealBack is its ability to self-clean in the rain.  About 1.5 years ago we applied a test section of our concrete coating to an area at our plant facility.  On 1/3rd of that area, we applied a popular sealer sold by a large national retailer.  1/3rd was left with no sealer and the remaining 1/3rd was coated with SealBack.  Our staff abused the area, routinely pouring coffee, soft drinks, etc. onto it. Today, the competitive sealer and the bare coating areas look about the same.  They’re both dirty and in need of a good cleaning.  The area with SealBack looks like it was cleaned yesterday.

SealBack uses a proprietary blend of nano-particles and micro-polymers to create a surface that’s difficult for dirt to attach to.  Dirt literally sits on top of the coating, waiting to be washed away.  This translates into an easy-to-maintain surface that looks great year after year.

What use will you find for SealBack?  The applications are literally endless. We hope you’ll share your experience with us!