Best Wood Deck CoatingYou’re a Retailer.  A couple walks in to look at decking materials. Your salesman, “Ace”,  gladly shows them their options, giving them as much time as they need.  He shows them the pressure treated decking that sells for about $.89/linear foot.  He shows them the composite decking options that start around $3.50/linear foot and go North from there.  All options require the couple to dispose of their old deck, repair any substructure issues caused by the removal, and to buy expensive new fasteners.  It’s a big expense for them.

Then they remember a TV commercial that they saw with barefoot couples dancing on a wood deck.  “That’s right, they say to each other.  Let’s consider that option before we spend all this money!”  They walk out your door and head to the big box retailer that has the deck resurfacing option.  Instead of spending thousands replacing their deck, they can resurface their wood deck for a couple of hundred.   Ace just spent 30 minutes with them and you lost the sale to the “White Space”.  It would have been so easy to make that sale if Ace would have had a deck resurfacing option.

The White Space is a HUGE market that exists somewhere between the repair and the replacement of a wood deck. Deck resurfacing products let the customer kick the can down the road a few years, avoiding the huge cost of replacement, and if you don’t offer a deck resurfacing option, you’re really missing the boat and losing thousands in sales!

For the past two years, deck resurfacing products have been the fastest growing Category in the entire Paint Channel and that’s not going to end anytime soon.  Not sure about that? Walk into Home Depot.  They sell Rustoleum’s Deck Restore product.  They have two pallets near the paint counter.  They have a pallet in front of the tools.  They have a pallet in the decking isle, to cross-merchandise.  They have 4′ of shelf space filled with it in the paint department – where it ought to be!  That stuff is everywhere!  Home Depot covets its real estate.  So, what’s going on?

Not to be outdone, Behr has thrown its hat into the ring.  Home Depot has plenty of space for Behr’s DeckOver product, too.  The fact is, the market for deck resurfacing products is growing.  Wood has always been the material of choice for deck building and it’s still 85-95% of the new deck market.  The market for products that protect wood decks is not going away – it’s getting bigger.

If you’re operating a lumber yard, selling wood and composite decking, or distributing to customers that do, you’re losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue to the big box retailers.  You NEED a deck resurfacer to fill the White Space.  The best deck resurfacing product is Encore, which comes with a lifetime residential warranty.  For customers who only need a five year option, we offer Refresh, a great new option in deck resurfacing.  Refresh has a five year warranty and is super affordable, beating the big boxes at their low price game.

Encore supports two-step distribution and has programs for retailers that want to drop ship direct to the customer.  We can even support the on-off dealer that wants to buy direct.  Don’t miss this market!  The 2015 Spring Season is going to be huge.  Contact us now to find out how easy it is to add this line!