Repair Wood Deck With Refresh!

Wood and Concrete Resurfacing Product

Looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-apply coating for your wood deck?  Refresh is your answer!

Refresh is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply wood deck coating that can also be used on concrete surfaces.  Simply add one gallon of paint (an exterior acrylic in your color choice) into the Refresh kit, mix, and apply!  Refresh’s quick-drying formula will be ready for a second coat within 30 minutes or less.  With application speeds like this, you’ll be enjoying your deck tonight!

Resurfacing Your Wood Deck Has Never Been Easier. Or More Affordable!

Refresh is applied using a standard 3/4″ nap roller.  Cleans up with water.  Your surface must be clean and free from any loose wood fiber, coating, dirt, oil, etc. as applying a coating over an ill-prepared surface will result in peeling.  For additional information on surface preparation, please visit our FAQ page.

 Compared to options found at large retailers, Refresh is more durable, installs faster, and looks better.  It’s also more affordable.  Those coatings generally average $.85/sq.ft. or more.  Their warranties vary.  Refresh, even with the addition of a $28 gallon of paint, only costs $.73/sq.ft.  Refresh comes with a 5-Year Residential & Commercial Warranty!  For complete information, please visit the Refresh Page on this website.

Deck Resurfacing Product

Refresh comes in a 3.5 gallon pail. There’s room for you to add one gallon of paint. Just mix and apply!