Step 1: PoolPoxi Concrete Repair System

//Step 1: PoolPoxi Concrete Repair System

Step 1: PoolPoxi Concrete Repair System

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Repairing cracks, divots, and voids in your pool’s existing surface is the first step in renovating your old, tired pool.  After removing loose plaster or other coating from the pool’s shell, fill in cracks, divots, and voids with PoolPoxi Repair, an exceptional patching material.

This easy-to-use kit is low VOC and has a 30 minute working time.

One Repair Kit, as pictured, covers approximately 400 sq. ft. and does not have to be applied over the entire pool surface.  Use PoolPoxi Repair to repair specific areas of your pool’s surface.

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PoolPoxi Repair Overview

PoolPoxi Repair is an all-purpose grout, filler and bonding agent which cures in just about any environment with a maximum bond strength of a whopping 11,000 psi! It has low odor, low VOCs and an exceptionally low impact on the environment. In fact, it even has the green-living seal of approval!

Your PoolPoxi Repair application will fully cure at 70 degrees within one to two days’ time, and a three-gallon batch covers up to 400 square feet. It’s ideal for use on a range of substrates including concrete, plaster, masonry, marcite, PVC, steel (and stainless steel), and stone.

 PoolPoxi Repair Properties and Performance

PoolPoxi Repair is a supercharged epoxy resin filler and bonding agent.

It goes on as a semi-thick 2-part liquid that doesn’t drip and has a very low environmental impact. It should be applied between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and has a shelf-life of up to two full years. When cured, it is non-permeable and resists both positive and negative forms of hydrostatic pressure.  PoolPoxi Repair fills gaps and forms a flexible seal, so as your pool’s surface may move, PoolPoxi Repair goes along for the ride.

Application Instructions

PoolPoxi Repair is a 2-part epoxy that is mixed in a 2:1 ratio according to instructions on the product. PoolPoxi Repair has a 30 minute potlife. Mix both components with a drill mixer until you produce a consistent mix.  Do not overmix.  Apply with trowel, putty tool or grouting tool as necessary. Work life can be extended to 35 minutes if spread thinner, but should not be applied when temperatures are less than 50 degrees.

PoolPoxi Repair gels within 30 minutes, starts to cure within 4-8 hours and completely cures within 24-48 hours depending on weather conditions.

What’s Next in the Process?

Step 2:  Thoroughly clean the entire pool shell using PoolPoxi Surface Cleaner.

Safety Precautions

As with most chemical epoxies, certain allergic reactions can occur to those with sensitive skin, as can potential irritation to respiratory tracts. Although this chemistry is much friendlier in terms of solvents and VOC,s you should still take measures to avoid contact with skin or eyes, wear protective clothing, and only work in well-ventilated areas.

In case of eye or skin contact: Flush affected area with water. Remove affected clothing or contact lenses (if possible) and continue to wash for several minutes. If irritation occurs, contact a poison control center for help.

In case of accidental ingestion: Rinse mouth with water, but do NOT induce vomiting. Call for medical attention if you feel ill.

If fumes are inhaled: Move to area where there is fresh air and ventilation. Breathe easy. If you don’t feel well, contact a poison control center for help.


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