RustOx – the most versatile metal coating on the planet.

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RustOx – the most versatile metal coating on the planet.

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Compare RustOx to your favorite coating and you’ll have a new favorite coating.

RustOx is perhaps the most versatile metal coating on the market.  With an ability to adhere to virtually every metal surface, RustOx creates a tough, durable coating that lasts for years.   When applied on rusted metal, RustOx suffocates the surface rust and prevents rust bleed-through.  Surface prep is simple. Just remove loose rust scale or loose coating, and wipe down.  If necessary, remove surface oils with MEK.  RustOx dries quickly and provides years of protection against further degradation.  Approved for inland and salt-water environments. Recommended for steel, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces.  Click here for detailed information.

Colors:  White or Gloss Black. Packaged in 1 or 5 gallon container.   Coverage: 250 sq.ft. – 1 coat.  Coats required: 2.




A Water-Based Rust Coating System that Replaces Coal Tar Epoxy.

RustOx is a tough, durable polyurethane-acrylic coating that can be applied directly to metal or directly to rust. When applied, RustOx suffocates surface rust and prevents rust bleed-through. RustOx dries in minutes and provides years of protection against further degradation. RustOx is a single-component, water-based formulation. It can be applied on-site or at an off-site coating facility, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions available.  Coated components can be handled within a couple of hours of being coated and submerged within 48 hours.

RustOx is thoroughly tested.  RustOx exhibits superior performance in harsh, salt-water conditions.

RustOx is unlike any other corrosion coating on the market.

Off Shore Rig using Rustox

1. Water-based.
2. Zero to extremely low VOC content.
3. Environmentally-friendly.
4. Does not require sand blasting.
5. Does not require priming.
6. Applies in minutes. (Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.)
7. Post-construction repair is simple.
8. Cleanup with water.
9. Outstanding performance in both field and lab testing.
10. Most cost effective coating available. About $.90/square foot complete.

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The Only Rust Coating That Neutralizes Rust & Stops Flash Rusting.

Rustox can be used on Boats

No priming required! Simply remove loose rust scale, wipe with a solvent such as MEK, then apply two coats of RustOx with ordinary paint equipment.

RustOx can be used to protect metal structures and marine vessels against rust. From highway infrastructure projects to marine applications, you can rely on RustOx. RustOx’s unique formula suffocates surface rust and prevents it from bleeding through the coating. RustOx is the answer for engineers and specifiers that don’t have the time or resources to blast steel to a white profile or to prime.

RustOx comes standard in a satin white or gloss black.  If necessary, RustOx can be top-coated with an acrylic, enamel, or polyurethane top coat.

Additional information

Weight 5.95 lbs

1 gallon, 5 gallon


White, Gloss Black

13 reviews for RustOx – the most versatile metal coating on the planet.

  1. Jonathan Nettles

    Product goes on easy. Does a great job over the rust. Hasn’t bled through where a typical paint would have bled through in about two weeks. This is a neat product. Can’t wait to try the new converter/primer that I’m hearing about!

  2. Robert W.

    This product works where other rust primers don’t. I can’t say how many “rust primers” I’ve used that have failed within a few months. I’ve tried them all. This product did a great job of covering rusted fasteners. I coated over them with the Encore coating and I’ve been very pleased with the results. Nothing coming through!

  3. M. Varner

    I applied Rustox to a barge expecting it to be just another failed experiment. Compared to coal tar, this product is much easier to apply. With coal tar, I was having to wait at least 24 hours between coats, but with Rustox, it was more like 15 minutes. This product saved me a ton of time! Immediately, it was put to the test. With pipe lengths and other heavy parts being constantly against it, this product is much tougher than I thought it may be. Very impressed. The coating below the water line is doing great too. This is going to become my “go to” product when I dry dock my boats!

  4. Johnny Watkins

    I put this product to the test in the engine compartment of my fishing boat. With minimal prep, I applied the product to rusted I-beams just to see what it’d do. So far, it has done what Encore said it would do. There is no rust bleedthrough. When the product arrived, some of the materials in the container had separated and I thought it was bad. Encore said that separation could happen so I had to take some time to reconstitute it. That was a bit frustrating, so that’s why I give it four stars.

  5. J. Willoughby

    I liked using this product. I first sprayed it with a .517 tip, but when I got to the bottom of the bucket, realized that a lot of the solids were not picked up. I figured that was a bad thing for a rust coating. On the second bucket, I went to a standard HVLP hopper gun with a medium tip. With a little air pressure, the product laid down great. I prefer the airless because I can work out of a 5 gallon bucket as opposed to the hopper gun. The plan is to find a larger tip and to change to a larger screen size and see what happens. Overall, I’m very pleased with the finished product. (The Knockout primer sprayed beautifully through the airless with the .517 tip) I can’t believe how tight this product bonded. Very durable.

  6. Kim Balkcamp

    Good stuff. Applied it about a year ago to a hull and deck and it’s done a great job. I did put an anitfouling paint over the RustOx and it’s holding tight.

  7. Scott

    I sprayed the product with 2mm tip on an HVLP. I’d imagine it works much better than a .517, which is too small to spray the larger particles in the coating. Did an excellent job. So much easier and saved a TON of time.

  8. Walt Hennings

    This product is good. Works well. Dries a little too fast for me. Not sure what all the hype is about. RustOleum makes rust coatings and there are other products that you can apply directly over rust. I give it four stars because it’s clever that you can add paint to it for color and clean up was super easy.

  9. Ben Kallan

    Very easy to use. The decision to put a third coat in the tidal range of the steel sheets was made at the last minute. We were able to apply it very quickly. It dried much quicker than the product we’ve used in the past. Great product!

  10. James Lacey

    Very easy to work with. We sprayed, brushed, and rolled it in various areas of the boat. Regardless of how we applied it, it went on well. Our crews beat our boats to hell and back and this product is holding up nicely. Will probably still be an annual thing – I’d be super surprised if it holds up to our abuse past that. Still, I’m satisfied.

  11. John Blake

    This is a very cool product! Works like a charm! I applied it to a steel pipe fence after removing some loose scale. It dried within 10 minutes and I was able to get a second coat on right afterwards. It’s been about four months since I applied it and so far, so good. An ordinary coating would have the rust coming through within days of being applied. It is tightly adhered to the steel. Looks like brand new, too!

  12. Harold Klump

    Product arrived on time and company tech support was sufficient. Upon opening the first container, I noticed that there was a film of material on the surface, but the rep explained that this is typical (light particles agglomerate, but don’t harden) and it will disperse upon mixing. It did. The product mixed well with the paint. Particles stayed in suspension and it transferred to both horizontal and vertical substrates with no issues. It dried fast and second coat was able to be applied right away. This particular job was done well over a year ago. The coating is doing great and we have ordered more for other vessels. I recommend this this product. It pays for itself in time alone and looks like it’s a long-term performer.

  13. Bob Sands

    Product exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with the durability of the product as well as how we can weld right up against the coating. That was amazing given the fact that it’s water-based.

    I also like the fact that the pot life is indefinite. We keep a pail of it onhand and can do touchups when necessary.

    It’s a great product and worthy of five stars.

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