REJUV – Restores Faded Painted Surfaces.

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REJUV – Restores Faded Painted Surfaces.

$74.99 Taxes

Restore faded vinyl siding, metal, and other faded surfaces.

Need to bring new life and rejuvenation to a faded surface?  REJUV is a clear nano-particle treatment that penetrates into a painted surface, restoring it to original or near original condition within 3-5 seconds.  After REJUV dries, the surface looks new and bright, while the nano-chemistry creates a self-cleaning surface that cleans with each rainfall.

Sold in 1 gallon container.  Coverage: 1,000 square feet per coat.






  • Faded metal roofing
  • Faded metal awnings & siding
  • Faded metal gutters
  • Faded fiberglass
  • Faded vinyl siding
  • Faded vinyl shutters
  • Faded playground equipment
  • Faded fiber cement board siding
  • Faded composite decking
  • Faded barrel tile roofing
  • and dozens of other applications

For a fraction of the cost of repainting, REJUV it!  This “pennies-on-the-dollar” alternative to repainting does not compromise aesthetics. REJUV costs $.07/square foot and has a 5-year warranty against fading.

Surface Preparation:  Clean oxidation and dirt by cleaning the surface with PREJUV, a safe, but robust cleaner.  Agitate surface to remove stubborn dirt.  Rinse.  Allow to dry.

Application:  REJUV can be carefully applied with a brush or roller, but is best applied with an airless sprayer using a small tip and high pressure (to atomize the material).  Allow to dry.  A second application can be applied to achieve a higher gloss finish.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 12 in


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