Step 4: PoolPoxi Pool Coating

//Step 4: PoolPoxi Pool Coating

Step 4: PoolPoxi Pool Coating

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FREE-Shipping-Icon-240-2Let’s face it.  Pool plaster is an old, obsolete technology that’s been left behind by today’s polymer technology.  Plus, when it comes to protecting the inside of your pool, you want a system that’s not only going to provide the very best defense against chlorine and chemical wear, but one that is safe and easy to maintain. Customers like SeaWorld and the US Navy Seals agree that PoolPoxi is today’s smart solution!  Here’s why:

PoolPoxi is impregnated with Microban, a persistent antimicrobial treatment that kills bacteria and inhibits mold, keeping your pool clean and beautiful longer than other pool coating systems!

Perhaps the best feature of PoolPoxi is its absurdly fast cure time.  A pool can be refilled within 48 hours.  Compare this with other options that require 5-7 days of set time before the pool can be filled!   Why is this important?  The longer a pool sits empty, the greater the chance of it lifting due to hydrostatic pressures in the soil.  The time that a pool sits empty is a dangerous, risky time for the owner!  PoolPoxi greatly reduces this risk and potential expense!

PoolPoxi can also be used to repair and refinish plastic and fiberglass steps on vinyl-lined pools, saving thousands over the cost of replacement!

It’s the affordable choice.  In most cases, you can refinish the inside of your pool AND resurface your pool deck for the same cost as replastering!

PoolPoxi has a 5-year warranty.

One Kit, pictured here, covers 300 square feet at 20 mils.Choose

Choose from a variety of colors!

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PoolPoxi Finish Coat. Product Overview

The PoolPoxi Coating System is the preferred pool surface coating system—the perfect coating for the perfect pool! It’s completely stable under UV light and provides a chlorine and chemical barrier that’s second-to-none. Its maximum-bond 20ml coating features ultra-low levels of VOCs and has no unpleasant odors.

PoolPoxi can be applied to:

  • Acrylic
  • Concrete (requires primer)
  • Fiberglass
  • Gunite  (requires primer)
  • Marcite (requires primer)
  • Marble
  • Steel (requires primer)

PoolPoxi is available in a variety of beautiful pool colors.

Coverage:  300 square feet per kit.

 Click here for a list of customers who use this technology.

PoolPoxi Performance and Properties

PoolPoxi cures to a durable, reliable finish and provides outstanding protection from chemicals and the elements.  Because it’s fortified with Microban, a top-selling persistent antimicrobial additive, it kills bacteria, fungi, etc. over the life of the coating.  This performance property alone, is enough for some pool owners.  PoolPoxi delivers great results and keeps on giving, long after the installation.

A Green-Seal Product

PoolPoxi is the only epoxy coating on the market with the green-seal, meaning it’s one of the safest choices available!  Formulated with super-low VOCs, PoolPoxi has very low odor, making it a great choice for commercial and indoor applications.

Application Instructions

Before applying, make sure that all surfaces are clear of dirt, grease, dust and particle contaminants. The best results come when using a chemical cleaner such as the PoolPoxi Surface Cleaner.

  1. The PoolPoxi Finish Coat kit consists of a 2-part resin and hardener that should be combined in a 2:1 ratio, mixing with a drill mixer. Simply stir the components together until the mix achieves a uniform consistency and color all the way through. To get acquainted with the set time, many applicators will divide the kit in half and mix 1/2 batches.
  1. Once mixed, the coating has a potlife of about 20 minutes at 70 degrees. Higher temperatures accelerate the curing and reduce the potlife.   Some applicators will set a mixed batch in a pail of cold water.  This will extend the potlife. As a precautionary measure, note that large quantities of over 3 gallons generate heat and shorten the potlife accordingly.
  1. Work in sections. Pour the mixed PoolPoxi in a straight line between 2 and 3 feet from the edge of the area to be covered. Using a lint-free nap roller (3/8”), roll PoolPoxi evenly over the surface, using a brush to cut into corners and edges as needed.
  1.  Clean up any spills or uncured material, and clean tools using basic denatured alcohol—no harmful solvents are necessary!
  1. PoolPoxi should not be applied or left to cure at temperatures less than 50 degrees. At the ideal temperature of 70 degrees, the coating will gel within 40 minutes, crystallize in 4 hours and completely cure in 24 to 48 hours.

Safety Considerations

Prolonged exposure to either the resin or the hardener can result in allergic reactions to skin. Inhaling resin fumes can potentially result in irritation to respiratory tracts. To protect against these effects, wear gloves while mixing and applying and avoid contact with skin and eyes. After handling, wash thoroughly and make sure that the area where you apply is thoroughly ventilated. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

If Swallowed: Rinse mouth with water and do not induce vomiting. Call a poison control center if illness occurs.

In Case of Contact with Eyes or Skin: Remove all contaminated clothing and contact lenses (if in eyes). Wash thoroughly with water or shower; rinse eyes carefully for several minutes. If eye irritation or skin irritation occurs or persists, immediately call a doctor for medical advice.

If Inhaled: Move to well-ventilated area away from fumes, and breathe normally. Call a doctor if you feel ill.


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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 14 in


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