LithiPro LP – Stop Efflorescence and Densify Concrete in One Step

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LithiPro LP – Stop Efflorescence and Densify Concrete in One Step

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Eliminate the possibility of efflorescence on new pavers and concrete the easy way.  Simply spray LithiPro LP onto the surface and keep it wet for 20 minutes.  During this time, this superior lithium-based densifier penetrates deeply into the surface (up to 3″) and hardens the free alkali that would otherwise rise to the surface and form unsightly efflorescence!

One application is considered permanent.  LithiPro LP not only stops the occurrence of efflorescence, it also densifies, increasing the strength of the concrete or paver by up to 30%!

One gallon treats up to 600 square feet depending on the porosity of the surface.


Better on Every Level

One treatment of LithiPro LP stops efflorescence in its tracks, protects pavers and concrete surfaces from stains and moisture, and increases the compressive strength of concrete by as much as 30%.

LithiPro LP is a superior alternative to sealing because unlike a film-building sealer, LithiPro LP is a penetrating treatment that won’t lift or peel.  It deepens the color of the paver or concrete without adding sheen to the surface.  It lasts’ for the life of the substrate.

LithiPro LP is a premium lithium-potassium (LP) densifier that can be used on a variety of substrates to protect against efflorescence and protect the substrate from stains and moisture damage. 

Lithipro LP is different from other densifiers because it contains a proprietary blend of wetting agents that allow the chemistry to penetrate deeper into the substrate.  This capability provides a superior level of protection against efflorescence and dusting.

In terms of performance and ease of application, LithiPro LP is far superior to sodium silicate densifiers.  Here’s why:

LithiPro LP is faster and easier to apply.  LithiPro LP is sprayed on lightly (coverage 600-850 sq.ft/gal), whereas a sodium silicate densifier is applied by flooding the surface.  LithiPro LP leaves no harmful residue, whereas the EPA classifies sodium silicate as a hazmat, requiring residue to be disposed of as a hazmat material at the contractor’s expense.  Additionally, the white crystalline deposits that sodium silicates leave behind are very difficult to remove.  Other than a possible dust from excess material, LithiPro LP leaves no residue.  Using a superior product results in a better job for the customer and higher profits for the contractor.

LithiPro LP is easy to apply.  Follow these tips for a successful application:

The primary goal of the application is to apply to a clean, absorbent substrate.  Therefore, do not apply to substrates that are dirty, frozen, or sealed.  Allow wet concrete to dry.  Prior to application, it is a good idea to lightly mist water in random areas of the substrate to test for absorbency.

Using a hand pump sprayer, apply a consistent, even coat of LithiPro LP to the surface.  Apply at these rates per gallon: New concrete – 650-800  |  Steel trowled – 400-600  |  Broomed finish – 300-400  |  Pavers – 250-350

Keep the LithiPro LP moist for 20 minutes, reapplying to areas that are drying within that 20 minute window. Brush out (with soft bristle push broom) areas where the material accumulates and do not allow to puddle.  Excess residue (dust) should be removed with a stiff bristle broom or blower.

LithiPro LP is great for paver patios, concrete patios, garage floors, driveways, parking garages, walkways, pool surrounds.  Works on all masonry-type substrates.

Sold online in 1 gallon containers.  Also available in 5 and 55 gallon quantities.  Please contact us at 888-776-2242 for pricing and shipping information on these sizes.