Everything You Need to Clean and Protect Your Roof.

Got a party coming up and need to clean your roof quick?  That could be a problem – so here’s your solution.

Spray MiracleMist Instant Cleaner onto your roof and leave it.  Between the time you apply it and the next few days, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in appearance as black mold and mildew stains disappear while green algae, moss, and lichens disappear within minutes of application!


Once the roof is clean, apply the MiracleMist Long-term Protectant to the surface.  The Protectant forms a long-lasting bond to shingles, shake, tile, and metal surfaces and prevents the recurrence of mold and mildew stains.  One application can last years.  Note: on asphalt shingle roofing, the Protectant bonds to the granules, so if granules wash off of the roof, so will the Protective layer.

Included in Bundle:

  • One gallon of MiracleMist Instant Cleaner
  • Two half-gallons of MiracleMist Long-term Protectant

Coverage:  Approx. 200 square feet.