A Self-Repairing Wood & Concrete Deck Coating

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(40 customer reviews)

5 gal. Self-Repairing Wood & Concrete Deck Coating

  • Intelligent, self-repairing formula
  • Activated by water, fully repairing small holes, cracks, and tears within 7-12 days of a rainfall.
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft. – 1 coat. Coats required: 2
  • Limitless Color Tinting

Product Details (See Below)

When other deck resurfacing products are in the process of failing from moisture intrusion, Encore’s self-repairing technology locks out moisture and waits behind the scenes to provide the protection needed for years of reliability.


The Deck Coating that Responds to its Environment

Imagine a coating that would actually get better with each rainfall, instead of worse. Well, now there is one. Encore’s intelligent, self-repairing formula is activated by water, fully repairing small holes, cracks, and tears within 7-12 days of a rainfall. This capability prevents moisture intrusion, the cause of most coating failures. And yes, we absolutely guarantee it.

Once & Done

When other deck resurfacing products are in the process of failing from moisture intrusion, Encore’s self-repairing technology locks out moisture and waits behind the scenes to provide the protection needed for years of reliability.

Coverage: 400 sq. ft. – 1 coat. Coats required: 2

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Unlimited Colors


* Do not use a paint that contains primer.

Want to learn more?  Click here to download an illustrated flyer.

Get the best deck coating technology for about $1/square foot! No other product compares in performance or value!

Available in two sizes: a full kit, or a Patio kit.

Completed Coverage:  Full kit – up to 200 square feet (2 coats).

Save money & experience the ease of buying everything you need for your deck project! Buy Encore products in 200 square foot bundles!  Click here for more information.

Resurface Your Wood Deck With Confidence.

Encore’s wood deck coating looks great and is guaranteed for life! Thousands of private and commercial property owners across the Country have enjoyed the benefits of resurfacing their wooden decks with Encore.  In accelerated weather tests, Encore outperformed competitive formulations by over 5:1!  That’s why the most discriminating customers choose Encore.  Encore’s new 2015 formulation classifies it as an “Intelligent Coating”, which means that it responds to its environment, initiating a self-healing or self-repairing function when triggered by rainfall.  Water intrusion is the #1 reason for the failure of a deck coating, so get the ultimate level of protection with a product that stops moisture intrusion.


Why Encore is the Best Wood & Concrete Resurfacer.

Here’s what you get with Encore that other coatings don’t offer:

1.  Exclusive Self-Repairing Technology.

For the first time ever, intelligent self-healing technology is incorporated into a deck coating.  Deck coatings are compromised when water migrates through open cracks in the coating and gets between the coating and the wood substrate.  But that’s not the case with Encore’s new formula.  Upon the first presence of moisture, nano-chemistries within Encore activate and crosslinks to heal itself.  Total self-healing takes place within 12-14 days of the first presence of moisture.  This self-healing feature prevents the water migration that would otherwise compromise the coating.  So when other coatings are compromised, Encore’s exclusive technology gets to work, protecting your wood deck for life. (Be sure to watch the video on the sidebar of this page.)

 Learn more about Self-Repairing Technology – See the New Encore Flyer.
2. A more refined appearance.

Encore dries to a form a skid-resistant, yet elegant finish. Your wood deck will look great and provide a new level of safety for your family by locking down splinters and creating a skid-resistance walking surface. Encore’s new texture complies with ADA standards for skid-resistance while balancing the need for easy cleaning and durability.

3. New Thermal-Smart™ technology.

Other products use sand to create texture in their coating. Sand gets very hot on summer days.  A synthetic aggregate and other ingredients are incorporated into Encore’s new formulation so it’s cooler on bare feet in hot weather.

4. Infinicolor™.

Infinicolor™ allows you to choose any color under the Sun by simply adding a gallon of acrylic latex paint* to the Encore 5-gallon pail. Infinicolor-technology guarantees a perfect color match.

5. Elastix™

Elastix™ is a robust new resin package that increases Encore’s ability to withstand changing weather conditions. Expansion & contraction is the single biggest challenge for deck coatings and Encore has mastered the challenge with Elastix. Year after year, Encore will provide the level of protection that you expect from a market leader.

6. A Lifetime Warranty!

Encore is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. Commercial projects come with a 10-year warranty. What other deck product protects your investment like Encore? Be sure to compare! New Brochure – Download.

Encore Deck Coating Restores and Revives Wood Decks & Docks.

Penetrating deck sealers and deck stains simply recolor the splinters on your wood deck! End the annual deck maintenance by restoring your wood deck with Encore Composite Deck Coating.

Want to buy Encore?

Encore is a durable deck coating that repairs decks and wood docks, filling in cracks, locking down splinters, and leaving behind a safe, skid-resistant surface. Wood decks and wood docks that have been restored with Encore, continue to stay in service for years, saving thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. So why replace your wood deck when you can restore your wood deck it at a fraction of the cost?

Lose Your Shoes and Enjoy Your Deck Again! Are you tired of walking on a deck that’s covered with dangerous splinters? While stains and sealers simply recolor splinters, Encore is made with the exclusive Splinter-Tight™ Technology, ensuring that loose splinters are locked down permanently – solving the splinter problem! It’s estimated that Encore saves the average customer between 64-86% over the cost of replacement. With the “Thrift Consciousness” mindset that’s sweeping the economy, homeowners are right to choose Encore. Why replace when you can resurface with Encore?

How Much Does One Encore Kit Cover and What’s an Average Cost?
Coverage will depend on the condition of the wood and how heavy it’s applied. Coverage is 280-400 square feet per kit. Including Pretreat (Encore’s priming adhesive) and the cost of an average gallon of paint, Encore costs approximately $.60 per square foot/per coat (including the paint that is added).

How Many Coats Should I Apply?
Two coats are required. If you have left-over material, put a third coat over high-traffic areas.

How Long Does it Typically Take to Resurface a Deck?
An average 15′ x 20′ deck that has been cleaned can usually be completed in less than a full day.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?
Encore is not prone to mold or algae growth and can be easily cleaned periodically with soap and water. If necessary, a maintenance coat can always be applied. A maintenance coat of Encore’s new Refresh product can be used to overcoat, or to change the original color.

The proprietary Encore formulation is backed by over 82 years of experience. Learn more about this exciting product by visiting our FAQ page. Encore is ADA Compliant! Encore meets and exceeds safety requirements set by the ADA for skid-resistance.

Quick How-To: Properly clean and prep your deck (see FAQs for prep instructions). Using a common paint roller, apply two coats of Encore and allow to dry. (Note: For the ultimate level of long-term performance, we highly recommend the use of Pretreat, a penetrating sealer and bonding agent specifically designed for Encore.) Depending on the condition of the wood and the application technique, the Encore kit will complete (2 coats) between 140 and 200 square feet of deck surface. Add one gallon of semi-gloss exterior acrylic paint* of your color choice to this kit to achieve the perfect color.

When it comes to providing the ultimate level of deck repair, no other wood deck coating compares to Encore.

Encore does not provide a “structural repair” solution for wood. Always replace boards that you consider in your best estimate to be structurally unfit for use.

Visit our FAQ page for more details.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 in

40 reviews for A Self-Repairing Wood & Concrete Deck Coating

  1. Dick R.

    I love this product! I was looking for a product that was different from the stains and sealers that I’ve been using for years. Encore forms a nice, durable coating that feels good when you walk on it. I highly recommend it.

  2. Jacob Bloommeyer

    The kit doesn’t go as far as advertised. I do have an old deck (12 yrs), but I expected to get more coverage. I ended up having to buy another kit so I could put a third coat down, which put me over my budget. It looks good, but I say three stars for those of us on a budget.

  3. Craig P.

    Product went down nice. Color was perfect. Was pretty hot when I put it down and it dried real fast. I suggest starting early in the morning so it goes down while it’s still cool out.

  4. Arthur King

    Encore says the kit will complete between 160 and 200 square feet depending on the condition of the wood. I had read a review about coverage being low, and had expected to experience that. After the job was over, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I averaged 190 square feet per kit. Condition of the wood is a big factor. i also used Pretreat and that helped spread the coating. Overall, a great experience and I’ve gotten good comments from the wife! Hence, the five stars.

  5. Marty E.

    We applied Encore to our wood deck and the product did a very good job of filling in the cracks and splinters, which was our greatest concern. Last summer, one of our grandkids got a large splinter in his foot and required a visit to the ER, so repair or replacement were our options. The only negative that I have is that rust has come through on some of the fasteners. (We overlooked that step in the application process.) Wouldn’t be a problem if we would have chosen a darker color, but it’s a driftwood grey. We did contact the company and they gave us a repair method, but it’d be better if it hadn’t have happened at all. The repair did work and I have to say that overall, we’re very pleased.

  6. Susan P.

    After years of annual staining, we decided to try one of these resurfacing products. We chose Encore because it was recommended by our handyman. We’re delighted at the results. I hope it lasts because the annual maintenance was killing us. Even though we haven’t had it down very long, it looks great so I’m giving it five stars. Nothing to complain about.

  7. Scott

    I put this down on my concrete shop floor. It covered really well and it’s tough! We drop heavy stuff on it all the time and it’s doing great. Be sure to follow their instructions and put a sealer on it – it’s much easier to keep clean when you can rinse dirt off and the sealer is what allows that.

  8. Bev Parkenson

    Feels great on the feet and looks super. We really researched these products and liked the warranty and the support that we received. This company actually has people that answer the phone, which is a nice touch these days. All this combined makes me a satisfied customer.

  9. Sarah B.

    Our deck was about 15 years old and had lots of loose splinters. We deliberated on whether to replace it or not. We decided to try Encore. My husband washed the deck and we applied the coating over a weekend. The Encore did a great job of filling in the cracks and the splinters are locked down for good. The color and feel are very nice. We like the result and we saved a ton over replacing. One tip: If you have metal furniture on your deck, be sure to put plastic tips on the feet because rust will stain the Encore – just like it stains everything else. We’re very happy.

  10. T. Cunningham

    Made my old deck look great again. Texture is nice – not too rough, but enough to make you feel safe.

  11. Marvin Blevins

    I compared this product against others that are out there. The warranty and the unlimited colors is what sold me. The results are great. Very satisfied!

  12. Kyle P.

    Good experience using this product. I recommend it.

  13. D. Thomas

    I chose this product based on the recommendation of my local hardware store. I did my deck in my college colors and it came out great! This past football season, my deck was the place to be. Didn’t make the SEC finals, but we had a great time tryin! Oh yeah, I like Encore! I’m planning on using it in my garage this summer. Highly recommend.

  14. Fredrick Martin

    Product worked great. Has a great feel and look. I chose this product after having used the Encore’s polymatrix paint additive a few years ago. That product worked fantastic so I was confident. Very confident I made another great choice!

  15. Rhonda J.

    I liked using this product. It did a great job of covering the problem areas of our deck. I do wish the kit would have gone further. But, all in all, very satisfied. I also really liked the Polymatrix paint additive that the company recommends for the vertical rails. It made the paint look like it’s plastic. Cool stuff.

  16. Rafe W.

    Beautiful product. Went down easy and looks good. Easy to clean. Had some grease spill on it and it came right up. I like the texture – it’s not as hard on the feet as other coatings seemed to be.

  17. Jamey Ridenour

    Have used Encore a few times after using one of the bigger brand named products. There is NO comparison! This product goes down better, looks better, feels better, performs better. It’s a little more money, but you get what you pay for. My customers love the finished look of Encore. Very satisfied.

  18. Bob Kaplan

    I applied Encore to two rental properties three years ago and after a very harsh winter, both properties look great. We’ve decided to use it on our remaining six properties. These units get lots of wear and tear. I was impressed with Encore’s durability and that it stayed looking good. There are other products on the market that we have tried (big name brands) and they “washed off” after a full season. My advice is to spend a little bit more and get Encore because in the end, it’s the most cost-effective option. My reviews normally aren’t this long, but I like the product and want to see the product succeed in a crowded market.

  19. Bethanny Tines

    Ordered online because there were no dealers close by. I was first impressed by the support staff. They answered their own phones and knew everything about the product. Also, once I ordered, the product was delivered in two days (usually free shipping is really slow).

    We applied the product yesterday and it did a great job. The color matched the paint I chose and it looks great. I’m glad we found this product. Not sure how long it will last, but so far it’s a five star experience.

  20. William Reney

    Our pool deck gets SO hot in this TX heat that we needed something to calm it down. Found this product. Ordered it and applied it. I compared it to another untreated concrete area around the pool and was amazed! Step on the concrete – burn your feet. Step back onto the Cool – ahhhhhh. Very happy to have this on our deck. Easy to apply! (We used the Encore sealer and it really made the coating pop!)

  21. Wallace H.

    I bought this product based on reviews, so I felt I needed to offer my feedback. First, the product does cool concrete. I’m curious as to how it does work. The things that concerned me: I have never applied coatings and was surprised at how quickly it dries. There was no time to rest! I would have like to have seen more coverage. They say 200 square feet can be done, but I got closer to 180 or 190. Also wish they offered standard colors because I had to travel awhile to get paint for the project. All in all, I’m happy with the product, but give it four stars for the experience. I’ll be a five star in a year or two if it’s still working this way.

  22. Silvia Jessup

    I had a contractor apply this product to my deck. I chose an off-white color. Today, the deck won’t stay clean and there are leaf stains on it that I can’t get off! I wish they would tell you that you shouldn’t use white because now I’m stuck with it. The company has offered to send a product to me that I can recoat with, which is why I’m giving my review 3 stars, but now I have to pay to have it redone.

  23. Harvard Wainright II

    Super product. Just applied encore to our vacation property. We’ve had it on our residence for several years and it still looks great. We recently applied Encore’s sealer over the top of the coating and it gave it a great, new look and shine. We love it. Not having to restain each year not only saves us money, we have more time. This product is worth the investment.

  24. Todd Billings

    Went down nicely. Covered splits in wood and leaves a nice feel. I’m satisfied with this product.

  25. Benny Preznik

    Two years ago I bought another brand of deck coating at a large retailer. This year, I was scraping up the remaining material that had not already peeled off. I just applied Encore and I can tell a huge difference in how the product went down and how it feels. I wish I would have just used this product from the start. I think I’ll be real happy with this product!

  26. James

    I put Encore down a little over a year ago and watched it over the winter. It has held up great. I’m now using it on more of the decking around my home. Very pleased.

  27. Sam K.

    I watched my neighbor apply a product that he got from Home Depot. Train wreck! It was awful. So, I thought I’d do some research to keep from getting bamboozled. That’s when I found Encore. I decided to buy it based on reviews.
    Encore was very easy to use – just like the reviews said. I finished two 10′ x 20′ decks in 1.5 days and the stuff looks unbelievable. This product is the real deal. I invited my neighbor over for a beer yesterday afternoon and now he has deck envy. Haha.

  28. Marcus G

    Bought this product based on the reviews. It went down ok. It was drying too fast for me. I’m not sure what all the hoopla is all about. It’s quite a bit more than other products. So far, it’s an average product – time will tell if it’s any better than that.

  29. Jeremy

    Very impressed! I’m lovin it! This made my deck look awesome. It goes down easy. We had a party on the deck last weekend – lots of compliments on the color I chose. I was concerned because chairs were being drug across the deck without much care or concern. Sunday morning, I washed it with a hose – perfect. I’m a happy camper.

  30. Margaret B

    Super cool product. My husband and I applied Encore to our deck about 1.5 years ago and it still looks marvelous. We have another deck that’s needing help, so we’re going with Encore again. It was easy to apply, and looks great. I must say that it can be difficult to keep clean, but wood hides dirt so well that it’s a hard comparision. I’ve read that some customers are applying Encore’s sealer over the second coat and that’s working really well, so we’re going to try that. Will report back.

  31. Julie B

    Very nice product. I’m giving it five stars even though I wish it dried a little slower. We applied it with a roller, but noticed that it lays down better with a brush. We just didn’t want to brush 800 square feet of material onto a deck. Still, being rolled out, it looks great and feels great on our bare feet and is worthy of five stars. We did the project in one day and it looks phenomenal! It’s given our outdoor space a completely new look!

  32. Bart Milsap

    Great stuff. Made my old deck look great. This product saved me about $2,300 over the cost of replacement. My front porch was done with another product found at Lowes and there’s no comparison! I like Encore’s final look. It’s super tough and looks like it’s going to last for years. Wish I had found Encore first, but now I know. Highly recommend.

  33. Billy S.

    great product. great company support. couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  34. Tamara Shexneider

    Read lots of reviews before buying this product. This was the first time we’ve used a “resurfacing” product, so needless to say, were a little apprehensive to spend this much money. Now that the job’s been done for a few months, I can say that I’m very happy with the Encore product. It has held up to a couple of parties, dogs, kids, etc. and it’s in great shape. Very comfortable, too. We did apply a coat of the sealer to it since we’re under lots of trees and it has stayed relatively clean (dog tracks). We’ve hosed it off and have used a nylon bristle brush in some cases to clean it. Overall, I’m very pleased and recommend this product.

  35. Jason Ameel

    This product is absolutely amazing when you are willing to follow all the necessary prep. Most people are overly anxious to get to the finish and neglect the proper preparation. When this product is applied to a deck that has been properly power washed, sanded, and has had sufficient time to dry, 3-4 days this product is bulletproof. The product is only as good as its surface, therefore the wood must not contain moisture, rot, mold, or be too new (green). I’m a professional contractor that lives in Michigan which has dynamic climate shifts and this product withstands the elements like no other. I only do decks with this product, I’m 100% anti solid stains and sealers due to regular maintenance and poor performance ( refinishing every 2 yrs). This product will out shine and last any big box retailer cheap imitation. Do yourself a favor and look no further for the ultimate deck coating.

  36. John S.

    This product was easy to apply. It fills in the checks and splits and leaves a nice appearance. Very pleased with results.

  37. Blake B.

    I installed this product several years ago for a customer and was happy with the job. I went on doing other jobs for other people and put down the products of their choice – most had seen the commercials and wanted one of those products.

    Now that I’ve installed four different brands, I can appreciate what this product does and how it stands out. There are no surprises with this product. The paint that you add to the kit stays true to the color. It does a great job of resurfacing old wood. The technical support is refreshing to see. All in all, the best experience you can find in deck coatings. I am now pushing Encore as the only product we’ll install.

  38. Thom Johanssen

    Rolled out nice. Dried nice. Looks great. This product does what it says it will do. We had used another product on our second residence and this experience of using Encore has been much better. I recommend sealing the Encore with their Sealback sealer as it enhances/deepens the look and makes it look even better. I haven’t noticed the self-cleaning that the company advertises, but then again, I haven’t had to clean it either! You won’t go wrong with this product.

  39. Bernie A.

    Our deck looks wonderful after using this product, but that’s not the reason for the five stars. Encore has FANTASTIC customer service! I called the 888 number over the weekend and no one answered. However, within minutes, a gentleman called and said he missed a call from my number and wanted to reach back out. I was simply flabbergasted! What other company out there has their people call missed calls?? We discussed my project and I received detailed, professional advice. My job went off without a hitch and everyone who sees it comments on the look. This is not your average deck coating that you buy at Home Depot or Lowes. It’s without a doubt, the best. It was easy to apply and was supported by professionals. Very happy with the outcome!

  40. Beverly Sams

    Beautiful results. We also applied the encore sealer. Our deck looks great.

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