Everything you need for your wood deck project – in a simple bundle!

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Everything you need for your wood deck project – in a simple bundle!

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of your deck project

The job of estimating material requirements has been simplified.  We’ve bundled everything that you’ll need for a 200 square foot project into a “simple bundle”.  All you’ll need to do is purchase a gallon of paint* (1 gallon for each bundle) in your color choice (semi-gloss acrylic or latex paint).  Have 600 square feet? Buy three bundles.  Best of all, you save when you buy Encore in a bundle(s)!

What comes in a bundle?

An Encore bundle includes one Encore for Wood 5-gallon Kit, a gallon of Pretreat, and a quart of LUMEN!  Yes, LUMEN, our all-time best-seller, comes with this bundle.  Bought separately, these items are an over $300 value – but buy together and saveFREE-Shipping-Icon-240-2

* LUMEN is a proprietary paint-treatment for your deck railings.

Completed Coverage/Bundle:  Up to 200 square feet (2 coats).  Actual coverage is dependent on the condition of the decking.

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Encore Warranty Seals

* Do not use a paint that contains a primer.



Encore Deck Cleaner


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Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 in

2 reviews for Everything you need for your wood deck project – in a simple bundle!

  1. Encore Customer Support

  2. Keith (verified owner)

    Purchased this product to resurface a 20 year old deck 12’ x 14’ (2 x 6 treated lumber). From everything I have read / watched prep is the most important part of the resurface job. Washed deck two times with deck wash from HD, surface sanded with 60 grit using a pole sander, washed deck again with OxiClean (1 scoop to 1 gal of hot water), rinsed and let dry for 48 hrs. On paint day mixed the liquid polymer, exterior acrylic paint and dry product for the recommended 5 min, sprayed deck boards with Pretreat included in package, and rolled the first coat using 9/16″ nap roller. This product dried in about 1 hr so rolled on second coat and let dry. The literature indicates this product will fill cracks up to 1/8”; unfortunately it does not self-level, it dries to the contour of the crack. This deck being 20 yrs old had some extensive cracks in the wood and after two coats the cracks were still quite visible. I believe the product would have been ok as it made a solid bond to the deck boards but I was expecting a smoother finish. Purchased four tubes of RustOlium Crack Filler to fill in larger cracks, let dry for 1 week. Purchased a second batch of the Encore product, washed deck again using OxiClean, rinsed and let dry for 48 hrs and applied two more coats finished off with two coats of SealBack Nano-Particle Clear Sealer. Very pleased with Encore product, looks great, hope it lasts. Total cost of deck project $520.

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