The Absolute Easiest Way to Clean Your Roof.

Want to clean and protect your roof?  It’s never been easier.  Just hook the MiracleMist Roof & Siding Cleaner to a garden hose and spray the cleaner up onto the roof!  That half (the cleaning half) of the project is complete.  MiracleMist Roof & Siding Cleaner’s proprietary formula will remove green algae and lichens within 3 days and black mold & mildew stains within 60-90 days.

MiracleMist Roof & Siding Cleaner has a built-in mold and mildew stain blocker that will keep ugly stains away for months but once your roof is clean, protect it for even longer by applying the MiracleMist Long-term Protectant onto the shingles or roof surface.

Bundle includes:

Coverage per bundle:  Approx. 300 square feet.