In today’s world of instant gratification fulfilled by products that don’t live up to their claims, it’s difficult to find a brand you can trust.  Over the years, Encore Coatings has noted, listened to and learned from you, the customer.  We’ve worked to combine what we know to be effective with the feedback from our consumers and have developed a line of products that is superior to any cleaning product on the market.

Mold Stain PreventerOne of the leading sellers in this line of products is the MSP or Mold Stain Preventer. MSP is the perfect answer to the thought, “I’ve gotten the exterior surface(s) of my home clean.  Now what?”  MSP is a product that works after the cleaning process to prevent the annoying stains from mold and mildew from coming back to haunt you.  This product functions by forming a covalent bond to the surface to which it is applied.  This technology is so effective that it is guaranteed to protect your home or outdoor surfaces for up to 3 years.

MSP works wonders on surfaces such as:

  • Any type of roofing material such as shingle, tile or metal
  • Wood, fiber-cement, stucco or any other home siding
  • Metal, wood or upholstered outdoor furniture, as well as, outdoor spa covers
  • Decking of any material
  • Concrete walkways, driveways or pool decks
  • Recreational vehicles such as RV’s and boats (both the inside and out)
  • Canvas or fabric awnings.

It is important to note again that MSP is not designed to clean surfaces, but rather protect them once they have been cleaned.  Having the peace of mind that your home and vehicles that you enjoy are clean and will be clean for months and years to come is invaluable.  Choosing to apply Encore’s Mold Stain Preventer will have your neighbors wondering where you find all of your spare time!

Encore is not only committed to quality, but also to providing products that are environmentally friendly and safe for everyone in your home.  MSP is definitely no exception to that rule.  With a foundation built on over 55 years of experience in water-based, polyurethane, and polyurea chemical formulations, Encore Coatings is more than capable of offering answers to a market that is demanding environmentally-friendly, yet effective solutions to their maintenance issues.  Because of this commitment, you can trust MSP to do its job in protecting your home and outdoor surfaces without exception.

Don’t wait until that less than desirable winter weather steals your motivation!  Call on Encore today and let us help you get started!