final-bad-ass-logosAs if the products put out by Encore coatings were not awesome enough, we listened to you, our customers, and have put out a new line of cleaners…Bad Ass Cleaners! The founder of Encore Coatings explained the new line like this:  “We saw that our new products extended beyond the home to the RVs, boats and motorcycles that people own.  People keep calling their performance “bad ass”.  Hence, the name!” Jeff and the great folks at Encore were nervous that a name like Bad Ass might be offensive to certain buyers and that might have been the case ten years ago. However, the name combined with the fun logo has been embraced by the market and is proving to be a very successful product.

What are the new Bad Ass Cleaners?

bad-ass-cleaner-lineupThis new line of cleaners came out of the demand for cleaners that actually work.  These cleaners are designed to clean and protect the things you own that provide you enjoyment such as motorcycles, campers and RVs, and boasts.  There is also a Bad Ass Industrial Cleaner that’s formulated to clean the grease and grime from your work area.  A Bad Ass Exterior and Gutter Cleaners that cleans years of grime and oxidation from the exterior of your home rounds out this innovative line of cleaners.

How do the Bad Ass Cleaners Work?

The Bad Ass Cleaners carry with them the same reputation that the rest of the Encore family of cleaners have. These cleaners are designed to make your job virtually effortless.   As stated on, “simply purchase the Bad Ass cleaner that’s meant for your application, apply it, and wait a few seconds.  Watch how oxidation, dirt and grime lift from the surface, ready to be washed away.”  The most difficult task for you will be cleaning out all of the other cleaners in your cabinet that proved to be worthless.

In the words of one of our satisfied customers whose boat had sat for over two years under fruit trees, “It looked horrible, but it only took a few seconds for Bad Ass Boat cleaner to clean it like new.  WOW.  Can’t wait to try some of the other cleaners.”

Bad Ass Cleaners Also Offers an Exciting Opportunity

One of the best marketing strategies is word of mouth.  We have found that when we demonstrate Bad Ass to our friends, they are amazed and immediately want a bottle. So, when it came to a sales strategy, we decided to deviate from our ordinary course of business and let friends sell it to friends.  Our independent distributors tell their friends, call on prospective customers, and attend periodic trade shows in their areas.  We provide samples, marketing and technical support.   In return, they earn unbelievable margins on their sales.

When you’re a Bad Ass Distributor, you have a great time and earn a good supplemental or full-time income.  Make money when you sell your inventory. Make money when your customers reorder directly from the plant, and make money when you introduce a friend to the business and sponsor them in our Single-level Program.

In summary, we at Encore are very excited about this new product line and about the opportunities that can be afforded to you, our valued customers. If you would like to know more about these products please visit or call us at 888-776-2242.