Recommended Paint Choices

IMPORTANT! Choosing paint to add to COOL! is a very important step in assuring your project is done correctly!

The paints found in this “recommended paint chart” have been tested by Encore Coatings.

Some paints can negatively react with COOL!, causing unsightly and inconsistent textures, viscosity issues (too thick to apply) and drying times that are too fast, which could cause loss of bond and a difficult application.

  • For best results, we highly recommend choosing any of these paints found on the recommended paint chart.
  • Never add specialty paint or coatings, such as other “pool deck paints”, to the COOL! product.
  • If heat reduction is a priority, avoid dark colors.
  • “Bright White” paints are also not recommended for glare and cleanliness purposes.

Watch the video above for additional tips and info on color matching!

With any questions, please call us at (888) 776-2242.


Have a hot pool deck?

Make the Same Choice as Thousands of Other Pool Owners.

Thousands of pool owners agree the smart choice is making the switch from a typical paint for pool deck to Cool!  Cool is today’s way to cool pool deck surfaces. Cool resurfaces existing deck toppings like Kool-Deck* as well as bare concrete.

Cool! Video Tutorials
Cool before
after Cool!
5 out of 5 Star Review!

“This is a remarkable product we applied it to our cool deck that was so hot in the Las Vegas summer weather and when it dried we could walk barefooted on the cement cool deck at 110 degrees.”
“… I’m extremely pleased with the product.”
– Verified Purchase Customer

5 out of 5 Star Review!

“From the time we began rolling Cool onto our pool deck, we knew it was the answer to hot concrete! After the first coat was dry, we walked on it in bare feet and the difference was astounding. The second coat was even better. We are thrilled with our decision and our grandkids don’t have to run across the deck anymore!”
– Verified Purchase Customer

5 out of 5 Star Review!

“I researched many options and chose this product because of its ease of installation, color options, and warranty. It works as advertised. For the money, you can’t beat the results. Very pleased.”
– Verified Purchase Customer