Hit The Refresh Button on Your Deck

Introducing the Best Mid-Grade Resurfacing Product Available. Refresh is a comfortable, skid-resistant coating that is perfect for the price conscious consumer. Perhaps you're selling your home or you just want a five-year solution for an old, worn deck.  If so, you need a mid-grade resurfacing option and Refresh is the perfect option! Refresh is like [...]

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Best Wood Deck Coating on the Market

Encore For Wood Decks & Docks The Wood Deck Coating that Responds to its Environment. Imagine a coating that would actually get better with each rainfall, instead of worse.  Now there is one.  Encore's intelligent, self-repairing formula is activated by water, fully repairing small holes, cracks, and tears within 7 to 12 days of a [...]

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Cool Pool Deck Coating

Take the Heat Out of Concrete! Cool™ Resurfaces Kool-Deck* and Other Concrete Surfaces - and keeps them cool. Patent Pending. Cool™ is a revolutionary new coating from Encore that enhances the look of your concrete pool deck while reducing heat build-up by as much as 38%. Cool™ rolls out with an ordinary paint roller [...]

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RustOx – A New Level in Rust Protection.

Paint Directly Over Rust RustOx is a tough, durable, direct-to-rust, direct-to-metal coating. RustOx dries quickly and provides years of protection against further degradation and rust bleed-through. RustOx is a single-component, water-based formulation. It can be applied on-site or at an off-site coating facility, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions available.  Once dry, it [...]

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SealBack Nano-Particle Clear Sealer

"Imagine a particle so small, a container the size of a sugar cube can hold enough of that particle to treat an area the size of two football fields. It's time to think small." Using new, state-of-the-art chemistry, SealBack™ can provide unmatched protection against sun and rain damage. Nano-chemistry makes it so.   [...]

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Wood & Concrete Coatings Specialists

Who We Are Encore Coatings is an organization formed by individuals with over 50 years of experience in water-based, polyurethane, and polyurea chemical formulations designed to protect wood and concrete structures. Most consumers have never seen these coatings in action, but they are found on hundreds of private and commercial buildings, the Pier at the Statue of Liberty, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Port of Los Angeles. […]

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SealBack Composite Deck Protectant

SealBack is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry that inhibits mold growth and rejuvenates old composite decks, restoring them to their original color and luster.  No more mold. No more grey.  Best of all, it only costs a few cents per square foot to apply! In minutes, years of aging is reversed and your composite deck is [...]

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POLYMATRx Paint Additive – End Paint Maintenance!

End Paint Maintenance When You Create A Lifetime Paint. Welcome to the website that the big paint companies didn't want you to find. Each year, these companies make millions of dollars selling paint to homeowners who are having to repaint. The fact is, there's a way to create a lifetime paint, but why would paint [...]

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Durable Wood Coating for Marine Piling and Wale Systems

21POLYPLUS is a proprietary blend of resins and organic chemistry designed for application on marine piling and wale systems. 21POLYPLUS dries fast and creates a durable, monolithic coating on wood. It has been proven to encapsulate CCA, a preservative that has been found to be harmful to humans and the environment. 21POLYPLUS also provides protection [...]

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Pretreat – Adhesive Primer For Wood

Pretreat was designed especially for the Encore Wood Coating and is recommended on all wood surfaces that are over 12 months old. Pretreat is a water-thin blend of proprietary micro-resins that is sprayed through a conventional pump up sprayer onto wood decks. Decks that are treated with Pretreat prior to being coated with Encore will [...]

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