POLYMATRx is added to paint that’s used to protect these deck rails in a harsh mountain climate.


POLYMATRx significantly extends paint life by adding elasticity to the paint film. It also enhances color retention!

Paint that repels water.

POLYMATRx also creates a weather barrier. When was the last time you saw a painted surface do this?

Best outdoor paint

POLYMATRx is an excellent choice when it comes to extending the service life of your paint job.

When it comes to buying the best paint, every manufacturer tells you that theirs is the best.  In fact, there’s so much chatter about this that buyers get confused and just buy the most expensive paint, hoping that they’re getting what they’re paying for.  That always remains to be seen and within a few years (5-7), they’re repainting again.  Expensive paint is better than cheap paint, but isn’t it a let-down?

End the paint maintenance cycle by adding POLYMATRx to a mid-grade paint!  We have been selling this product since 1998, providing a lifetime warranty with every quart of material sold.  Our warranty is clear – we guarantee your satisfaction for as long as you own your home.  Period.  How many claims have we had?  Zero. Yes. Zero.

Zero complaints..Zero claims. Zero calls.  That’s a small number, given the warranty and the time that’s passed.  Customers who passed on this fantastic product back in 1998 have repainted at least once.  What’s the secret?  Encore doesn’t care about selling you paint in seven years.  We care about solving your problem and saving you money.

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What’s the secret behind POLYMATRx?  It’s simple.   Many big industry businesses build obsolescence into their product. POLYMATRx puts it back in.  That means that paint jobs that are meant to be a 5-7 year job, are now a 15 year job – or longer.  In fact, we have buildings that were painted over 40 years ago that haven’t been repainted.

Question:  Can POLYMATRx be used to paint the horizontal deck boards?  Yes!  Add POLYMATRx to an acrylic paint to create the most effective, cost-effective deck paint in the industry!

So, when it comes to extending the life of paint, go with the lifetime paint choice – POLYMATRx.  Learn more about POLYMATRx by clicking here.